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5 Fidget Toys I Want To Try

Fidget toys are ridiculously popular right now.

Between the GMM episode, the fact that they are perpetually sold out and that more than a couple of kids at my school are selling them out of backpacks like nerdy-good-kid drug dealers – I kind of had to make this post.

Sorry if it seems a little sellout/basic/not-in-line-with-my-theme.

*Quick note, none of the links below are affiliate links, I added them of my own volition, for no personal benefit.*

Okay, I lied in the title.

This is more like: 3 I want to try and 2 things I actually use because the actual ones are expensive.

Ones I Want To Try

1 – Fidget Cube – This is the classic fidget toy. I’m a little bit basic for wanting it, but, its fun. Let me live.

2 – Spinner – These are just captivating to watch.

3 – Baoding Balls – I love the magnetic balls I own, these are similar but gigantic. Seem like fun.

Maybe one of these will stop me  from driving people in class insane with the “tapping my palms and fingers on the desk” and “clicking my pen until someone wants me dead”.

Ones I Use/Have

Mind you, I don’t own any actual branded fidget toys. But these basically follow the premise of “mess with it while you think”.

1 – Metal Slinky – I assume you all know how a slinky works. Messing with it, its basically like a fidget toy – I play with it while I wait for stuff to print.

2- Brain Shaped Squishy/stress ball thing – its a squishy/gooey/sticky rubber toy/stress ball sort of thing I got at camp. Easy to realize I want to be a neurologist right?




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