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Study Guide: AP Chemistry

AP Chemistry is the hardest class I’m taking this year, by far.

So, since I’m fighting to keep my grade up by the skin of my teeth (A the past two quarters – barely,  currently at a middle B but I’m working on that), I thought sharing the how of that might benefit some others.

Now, reading the College Board Course Description is important, since it’ll tell you exactly what the college board wants you to know, so you know what they want you to study. There is also the College Board Tips on the Test –  which is information on multiple choice answering and essay writing, straight from the College Board writing the test.

Now, the base of chemistry is Stoichiometry. Every topic pretty much depends on it.  Here is a good site for reviewing: Chem Collective: Stoichiometry

AP Chemistry Class Prep and Review:

Significant Figures

Nomenclature Rules

Polyatomics and Nomenclature

Dimensional Analysis

Study For The AP Test:

AP Chemistry Quick Review – Comprehensive review sheet, formulas and stuff. Read this if nothing else.


Memory List 2 – YOU NEED TO KNOW THIS.

Solubility and Reactions – You need to know these things.

Compounds – You need to know these things.

Chem4Kids – Very simple chemistry explanations, like, on how to read the periodic table and stuff – but helpful to review since most AP Chem study tools for-go re-iterating the simple stuff.

Course Notes Chemistry – Bullet point notes – no filler or fluff.

Kent Chemistry – Explanations of virtually every topic and graph trend is here.

Chemmy Bear Study Cards – If you are a flashcard learner, this is for you.

Crash Course Chemistry – These videos are a bit more simplistic than the understanding you are going to need, but serve as good memory joggers / “get it together and study” background noise.

Review Books: I.E. Barron’s and 5 Steps to a 5 –
I like the Barron’s book best for this class. But really, a review book is best, and if you physically buy and see it, it’ll guilt you into actually studying (trust me).

Reference Sheet Given On The Exam

Standard Reduction Potentials (Given)

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  1. Whoa. I wish I’d had this during Chem in college. Far better compilation of stuff here than what I had in my professor given study guides. You’re doing a great job and I’m sure you’ll pull your grade up. Hang in there!

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