Study Guide: AP United States History

College Board Description – Knowing is half the battle.

Survival Resources and Practice Tests

Crash Course: US History – This is crazy effective for reviewing/jogging your memory as you approach test day. While the crash course sciences are a bit lacking, the histories are the most useful thing.

Half the AP score is essays, so knowing your information is only half the battle, learning the formats and scoring of the essays.
This site helps: Sample Essays and Chapter Outlines

List of Themes and timeline outlines  -Useful to study

Massive Study Guide – In-depth

This guide is links more than anything else, but there isn’t really a short hand or formula sheet for APUSH – you cannot cram it like other stuff. Its connection and memory based, not application/approximation based. Here are resources to study if you don’t have a review book and your textbook is long and dry.

The history AP tests tend to be a bit easier, but you do have to have more than a vague idea about the subject.



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