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Guest Post: Awesome Book Reviewers by Chantelle Griffin


Thank you to Sam for letting me on her blog. I was thinking of doing this post, but thought it would reach the right audience here. You see, I used to be a prolific reader back when time was not an issue, my eye sight was better and life was easier. Anyone would find me curled up with a good book to all hours of the day and night. I read in a room with a dragon on the ceiling because a plain white ceiling was too boring. My windows were level with the garden and when the moon was bright I would escape out into a magical world of grey.


Books were the key to wonderful journeys and faraway lands. I would be lost for hours after having to say goodbye to the characters at the end. Sometimes I would get annoyed by a decision an author had made that took the story in another direction. Some of the best times were staying up well past midnight and knowing that I had school the next morning. Oops! The frustration of the ending and being drawn into amazing worlds led to writing.

An Overfull Bookshelf

The library was my favourite place. Later on I would spend hours in the bookshop trying to decide which book to buy. This was before life became complicated and the time for reading dwindled. My bookcase is overflowing and so is my list of eBooks. I don’t think anyone can have too many books, or shelves for that matter.

Appreciating Book Reviewers

After my reading pace slowed there is one thing I find truly awesome, the ability to read of fast. It takes me back to a wonderful carefree time and I admire anyone who can still do that. On top of all this there are a fantastic group that take time out of their lives to write a review. Every year I keep a list of books for an annual book order when I blow my budget. That is where a review helps. A back cover blurb will only say so much and reviews let me know little details that add an extra layer. So I just wanted to take the opportunity to say thank you, to anyone who has reviewed a book.

P.S. If you would like to know more about me I have a little WordPress blog at

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