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Guest Post: Meeting a Favorite Author by Chantelle Griffin

Thank you to Sam for letting me on her blog. A couple of years ago I ticked a major item off the bucket list. For anyone who has ever been a big fan of an author I can truly say that it never occurred to me that I would meet mine. I met Garth Nix the author of ‘Sabriel’. By chance Garth Nix and Sean Williams had planned a writers retreat in the area. Garth contacted a local bookshop in advance and arranged a book launch.

The Books

One of the very first books I bought was ‘Sabriel’, the original edition. It was hiding in amongst all these paperbacks with dark covers. There was this little book with a drawing on the front and a bright purple background. It had an interesting blurb on the back. The story had me hooked. When my sister found out she borrowed it and never gave it back. I eventually bought another copy.

The Book Launch

I am fangirling just thinking about it. It was a fantastic moment being able to meet the author of a book I read and re-read. Garth Nix and Sean Williams were launching their new book they had written together. They both took the time to answer any questions and talk to people. It was an event that I could never have imagined.

The Author

I waited in line first and told Garth about my sister taking my first ‘Sabriel’ book. When it was my sister’s turn to have her book signed Garth it held up, opened it and said it was an original. So now my sister has an original ‘Sabriel’ signed by the author. I will treasure my signed copy which sits in the middle of my bookshelf. Have you had the amazing experience of meeting one of your favourite authors?




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