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Netgalley Review: The Adventures of Technicality Man


I received an e-arc of this book from netgalley and this is my honest review.

Original Release Date:

December 19th 2016

Date I Read The Book:

April 2017

My Star Rating:

5 Stars


Novella (71 pages)

Official Summary:

Everyone knows how the stories are supposed to go. The good guys win in the end, the hero ends up with the designated love interest, and the plucky band of misfits pulls together to save the world.

But what happens when a villain targets the nature of stories themselves? All the tropes that the heroes have come to rely on are under threat.

Technicality Man and his trusty companion Continuity Leopard must join forces with a group of minor heroes to save the day. They won’t let any barrier stop them. Not even the fourth wall.

My Review: (Vague Spoilers)

Considering my love of meta/satirical scifi ( as evidenced by my love of  How To Live Safely In A Science Fictional Universe and Redshirts) its no surprise I loved this little novella about the very meta Technicality man and his team saving the very fabric of stories. It is well aware of the tropes in scifi and action stories and uses them vey well – I liked the cats as well, who control the stories continuity and punctuation. Its a very funny, meta story thats great for scifi nerds. The characters and world is surprisingly fleshed out, and the story is well paced and hilarious (throw away reference to gay sex fanfic and everything).

I loved this.

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