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Netgalley Review: United States of Absurdity – Untold Stories From American History


I received an e-arc of this book from netgalley and this is my honest review.

Original Release Date:

May 9th 2017

Date I Read The Book:

November 2016

My Star Rating:

4 stars


Standalone book of stories

Official Summary:

Discover illustrated profiles of the weird, outrageous (and true!) tales from American history that don’t appear in school textbooks.

From the creators of the comedy/history podcast “The Dollop,” “The United States of Absurdity” presents short, informative, and hilarious stories of the most outlandish (but true) people, events, and more from United States history. Comedians Dave Anthony and Gareth Reynolds cover the weird stories you didn’t learn in history class, such as 10-Cent Beer Night, the Jackson Cheese, and the Kentucky Meat Shower, each accompanied by a full-page illustration that brings these historical “milestones” to life in full-color. Adding to the giftable history/comedy package, each story is accompanied by tongue-in-cheek trivia and timelines that help place the stories in context with the more well-known historical events that occurred around them.

My Review: 

I really enjoyed this book. I read it in a single sitting on my kindle when my power went out one day (yay thunderstorms…).

Essentially, this is a book of short, ridiculous, stories from America’s history. The kind that end up in newspapers rather than history books, usually used as footnotes brought back to spotlight. As a Florida resident, born and raised, I have an inordinate fondness for stories of people doing stupid s**t.

Some stories feel a bit flat with me, particularly the sports ones, as I have little interest. Some were stories I already knew, some felt too short and hastily written. But for the most part, they were enjoyable and entertaining, especially to kill time. I particularly loved the chapter of medical stories, even though I knew most if them.

In all, if you like these sorts of “look how badly we f****d up” stories, or want something to make you laugh and teach you some random facts, you’ll like this, especially if you’re a fan of the Darwin Awards.

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