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Discussion: Why I Still Love Twilight


Hating on Twilight is pretty popular – more popular these days than liking it. A lot of book bloggers have written about how they used to love Twilight but have since learned better or grown out of it. And that’s fine – your tastes change throughout your life. But while I may not be as obsessed as I was when I was younger, Twilight will always have a place in my heart – I still love it.


The Problem With Twilight:

People hate on Twilight these days for a multitude of reasons.

Because it started a vampires and werewolf trend, because it got more popular than “more worthy” books, because its objectively not wonderfully written, because teenage girls liked it and people like hating on the things teenage girls like. Because it started the YA movie fad.

Pick your poison – I think people just like being crabby.

Twilight isn’t the objectively best written. There are cringe-y moments (Jacob’s imprint, Bella’s “helpless girl who needs a boy” portrayal etc.) but its hardly the worst written or most problematic book to reach this popularity, let alone one existence.


My History with Twilight:

I read Twilight in the fourth grade – when I was 9 or 10 years old. I read the entire saga that year. My grandma bought me the first book for Christmas because my cousin, a year older than me, loved it. My grandma thought I might like it to.

(My grandma already had an established history of buying me books for Christmas. She bought me the full Harry Potter series when I was 7 (second grade) 0 I trusted her judgement. She bought me the full Ms. Peregrine’s trilogy for Christmas this past year.)

So because she bought me Twilight, I read it. I had no idea what it was about, but I loved it. Made me mom buy me the rest of the books. Read those too.

I got sent to the guidance counselor’s office at one point because they were concerned about a 9 year old reading such mature content, they called my mom and everything. But since my mom was cool with it they had to let me continue reading – even if I got my book taken away a few times for reading during class.

I made my dad rent the movies that were out so far – and made him watch them with me. He hated them – but watched all five. I had all the shirts, posters, and necklaces. I made all my friends read the books and started a shipping war among the fourth graders.

The moment where I am Bella and Bella is me.

Twilight and Me – Now:

I’d thought my obsession had calmed down. I reread the books in 7th grade – in full for the first time since in 4th grade I skipped all the “weird” (read “sex”) parts – no matter how mild Twilight really is, I was 9 the first time through. The second time around I was firmly Team Edward – the first time I’m pretty sure my loyalty to Jacob was entirely based on the fact that Taylor Lautner was Sharkboy.

But cue the release of Life and Death: Twilight Reimagined and I had it in my hands and read within the week.

I haven’t read the whole series in years – but Twilight itself remains a comfort read for me. The movies are “I’m sick and want to be entertained without thinking” movies.


Final Thoughts:

I don’t have it in me to hate on Twilight. Flaws and all.

Part of it might be history and rose-tinted glasses rather than objectiveness – but who cares? Enjoying things is nice, reading is meant to be fun. Something doesn’t have to be objectively good to be enjoyed or liked – why do you think people love lifetime movies?

I just don’t see the appeal of critiquing the flaws in every detail of something I once loved – so I just won’t.

Allow yourself the rose tinted glasses sometimes.

What do you think?

Did you like Twilight?

Do you still like it?

Why or why not?

Let me know!

17 thoughts on “Discussion: Why I Still Love Twilight”

  1. I loved Twilight so much when I was younger and was reading fanfiction for years after I finished the series. I’m definitely not as obsessed with it that much anymore but still like it, even though I rarely think about it!


  2. I’m so glad you wrote this post! I got into Twilight around the age of 13 (Team Edward all the way) and I was completely obsessed. My obsession has died down over the last five years but I rewatched the movies last year and it reminded me why I love the series so much! I could never hate on Twilight because it was such a large part of my reading experience when I was younger

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  3. I honestly don’t hate Twilight and never did. I started disliking the movies and felt annoyed all the time because everyone started to knock my love for the books as new moon and eclipse came out on screen. But Twilight is the first book book that I’ve ever read and it will forever hold a special place in my heart.

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  4. I reread twilight every summer.
    I read the saga for the first time in 2009 (before the New Moon release)
    I’m now almost 33yrs old.

    I can’t pinpoint exactly what it is about twilight that I love so much (although I’ve always had a fascination with vampires (tvd, the originals, true blood)) . I’ve read better. I like better. But twilight still holds a special and funny place in my heart.

    I’m not ashamed. And I don’t feel I should be. We are all allowed to love what we love, right? My older daughter is now about to turn 13 and is half way through the 2nd book. I couldn’t be happier that she’s reading something that has made me so happy for so long and I hope that they make her feel the same. When my younger daughter gets older, I hope to give her the same books I have read, over and over again, and give her the same love of characters, a world, and of reading in general that I have.

    I’m happy to find so many people still unashamed to love The Twilight Saga.

    Be proud that you love it, even if you aren’t completely sure why.

    I hope that someone will read this some day as I have, and our comments, and know that we’re still out there.

    Thank you for this post. It has truely made me so happy to read it.

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  5. I’m glad I came across this blog. Haven’t read the books since I was 14 didn’t watch all the movies. Lately I have been feeling nostalgic and wanted read them. I have seen a few videos tha what not that have put it such bad light I wasn’t sure if I could enjoy the books anymore. I am sure it will be different reading them as an adult now.

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