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16 Books For Riverdale Fans

I’ve been more than a little obsessed with Riverdale since the show started.

Riverdale is the latest comic-based CW show – based on the Archie comics.

I loved Archie as a kid, especially the “Archie’s Weird Mysteries” cartoon, I must have watched the Killer Spud episode a million times.

Riverdale is a darker, modern update to match the newest comics run, its suspenseful, its well written, and well paced. The songs are good too!

My only issue with it is the whole “Jughead is meant to be aro/ace and THEY DIDN’T DO IT OH MY GOD” thing. It makes me mad.

Its a great show though.

Since I love it, I’m recommending some to read if you love it too!

And let me know if you want me to do a full review of the show!

If You Like The Mystery/Murder –

If You Like The Dark Atmosphere –

If You Like The Messed Up Social Dynamics/Family Drama –

6 thoughts on “16 Books For Riverdale Fans”

  1. I just finished watching Riverdale on Netflix yesterday. I love that show so much. 💛
    This is a great recommendations post and I can’t wait to get to some of these books. 😊


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