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Netgalley Review: New Americans


I received an e-copy of this book from netgalley in exchange for my honest review.

Original Release Date:

January 15th 2014

Date I Read The Book:

March 2017

My Star Rating:

4 stars



Official Summary:

America has been called a country of immigrants. Yet the country has rarely welcomed them with open arms. Newcomers have been encountering fear, suspicion, and misunderstanding for more than 200 years. “New Americans” tells the story of immigration in the United States, stopping at key moments along the way to examine the great debates that have altered the course of national policy and changed the face of a nation. Young readers will discover that the push and pull over immigration policy today is astonishingly similar to the social and political questions that have sparked controversy since the 1700s. “New Americans” engages young readers and provides them with the context and history needed to join the debate on these issues…and ultimately issues the challenge to Find Your Voice. Aligns with Common Core Language Arts Anchor Standards for Reading Informational Text and Speaking and Listening. Text contains critical thinking components in regards to social issues and history.

My Review: (Vague Spoilers)

This is a history book for young readers, I’m thinking 8-13 content wise, maybe up to 10-13 reading level wise.

It is a pretty good overview of immigration in America, dating back to before even Columbus, through colonization and into modern day. The pictures and layout are clean and eye catching. And the book does its best to present both sides of the dispute equally and easily for young readers. I like that legislation throughout American history and the social consequences of it are touched upon.

I gave it four stars because it does what it set out to do nicely. But, since I’m in APUSH, it was not particularly enjoyable. I’d recommend it to a 5th grade classroom, but not for anyone looking for nonfiction to read.


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