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Poem: Draw The Line

Tell me which you’d rather be
A good man
A great one
This defines you

Tell me whether you rather
Do good
Do well
This defines you too
As the nuances of life often do

Tell me where we draw the line
Between hero and villain
The hero doesn’t believe he his one until the very end of the story
The villain thinks they are the hero and the victim the entire way through
Is this the difference you see

Tell me where we decide the difference
Between the
Good man who did a bad thing
The bad man who did a good one
The hero with a stone heart
And the villain with a heart of gold
Where did the lines get drawn

Tell me if it makes a difference
If you tell the truth and hurt someone
Does it make it the wrong thing
If you tell a lie and make everything okay again
Is that the right thing
Who decides this
Depends on which matters more
The means or the ends
Depends on whose doing the talking
One who’s doing the deciding too
I Guess


You want to be the hero
Tell me
Admit it
You think you’re the hero
Of this tale
Who rises above the heartbreak?

But I look at you and
See only the villain
In what light are you the hero?
Tell me
Maybe I’ll see it too

You played out this story casting me
In roles I didn’t know I was playing
What light am I painted in?
To be the villain for your tale
Tell me
Maybe I’ll do it right

Pick a card
Choose a hand tied round my back
With the rope meant for your throat
Not long ago
Maybe you’ll get lucky
Or maybe not

Left hand means poison
Right means the cure
Isn’t that what they used to mean
Left is for the devil’s child
Right is for the righteous man
You are no stranger to this
But that does not define us

So tell me where you draw the lines
And I’ll try my best to side with
the side I was meant to be on
Tell which is which
Tell me where they are
Because you drew them in the sand
And they washed away
And now I don’t know where I am
Tell me where we draw the lines
Tell me you won’t cross them

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