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New Schedule? Yes, This Again.

AP testing is over!

I know! Its wonderful!

Which means I’m back!

It probably didn’t feel like I was gone, but every post from April to now was scheduled, views, a few tags, some discussions, and more than a couple of guest posts; I post more when I intentionally take a hiatus than when I’m supposably active.

Which is an issue.

I made this blog a little over two years ago.

I got serious about it a little over six months ago.

I still haven’t quite gotten good at it, as evidenced by about 4 failed schedules and week to month long periods of radio silence sporadically through its existence.

The “ideal” schedule I made a few months back? It not literally possible with my workload, ever. I can’t treat this as a job, because school has to come first.

So, we’re going to keep trying new things until something sticks.

New schedule. One so simple/basic/non-committing/easy that even I should be able to stick to it.

Here it is:

Monday – Tag

Wednesday – Misc. such as discussion, spotlight, or other feature

Friday – Review

Arc reviews will continue to be posted on release day if possible.

Memes and features will continue to be done when possible.

Hopefully, I can schedule enough over the summer that you’ll get much more than three posts a week.

But at least this way, the schedule is bare minimum enough that it might motivate me to at least to that much, even when I can’t do more.

Another thing.

My lists of memes and features is as follows:


-Nonfiction and Diverse Book Spotlights / Poetry and Tv Spotlights

-Throwback Thursday

-Scars & Stories

-Premed Preparation

-College Corner

-TBR Shame

-Quote of the Week

-Soundtrack Saturday

-Waiting on Wednesday

-Top Five Wednesday

-Top Ten Tuesday

Let me know which ones you like the most, so I can focus on those.

And let me know which ones you don’t care for, so I can cut them from my focus entirely.

I really want to build this blog, make it better, and stick to a proper schedule for once.
Help me out?

7 thoughts on “New Schedule? Yes, This Again.”

  1. I think the new schedule is a good idea…. I honestly liked all the memes, so I couldn’t really choose. I suggest you do the ones that you like the most and maybe do say, 3 memes on the list this week and the other 3 the week after that? So you will be doing all those memes without posting a bunch of them each week. Anyway, it’s just my suggestion. 😊


  2. It’s hard for me to do memes when they’re no longer fun. Whatever everyone else suggests or wants to see, take it with a grain of salt and decide if those are fun for you. Now, this is what I have to say about the memes you listed (and please take this with a grain of salt too). Several of the memes you are looking at doing don’t fit your current posting schedule. One of them is on Thursday and another is on Tuesday. If those are memes you would pick, would you add days to your schedule, or would you change the days that you are posting regularly on? Personally, I like seeing discussion posts, but I know those are time-consuming to write if you’re very busy.

    I also hope that you receive great AP scores.


    1. Thanks for the advice! My Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule was meant more as a “bare minimum” sort of thing rather than a hard and fast “this and only this” sort of thing, but thanks for the input, I’ll take it into consideration!

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  3. Too many memes can get overwhelming for not only you but for readers as well. I have to be completely honest about memes, I have the most difficult time reading meme posts as the majority of the time I see a lot of the same books on everyone’s lists. I do enjoy reading Waiting on Wednesday or WWW Wednesday, I’m not the biggest fan of Top 10 Tuesday. After a while memes can become monotonous, the only meme that I do is Top 5 Wednesday and that’s only once a month.


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