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Poem: Bang The Doldrums (A Fine Line Between Love and Hate)

Wouldn’t it be funny
An angel falls from grace
An angel can do wrong
A demon saves the world
(If just to be the one to end it all)
We both lie through our teeth
We both live to fight another day
We’ll believe every word we say
(I’m no good for you
With you
Against you)
(We can’t find the words to say,
the years of our history stretch,
our voices drown in our pride)
We’d save the world together
Or raze it to the ground
Save each other
Destroy each other
(The only ones that could,
Ever make the other bleed)
Same result
(Our walls are built too strong to make a dent,
So we go straight for the jugular)
Neither can pull the trigger
Neither of us is dead
Neither can fully save the other
(So we’ll just never end this instead)
It’s funny
How every demon could be a fallen angel
Every angel a choice away from losing grace
Just pretend we weren’t friends
(Pretend it doesn’t hurt)
Keep that smile on your face
(The greatest trick the devil ever pulled
Was convincing the world he didn’t exist
He flips your sins back at you
Can you stand that monster in the mirror
– The worst always look like humans –
It’s a fine line between angel and demon
And I think we’ve lost the difference)
And darling Juliet
The dice was loaded form the start
(Starcrossed isn’t just another pretty word
for worth it)
(The hurt has to mean something right?)
And the optimists die first now
(If you see the best in people
You’ll miss the rest in people)
But which one of us is hoping now?
Hoping for the
Perpetual check –
Who’s dying first?
We would destroy each other
(Love or war – all’s fair –
We never stood a chance)

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