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DNF Books – Mini Reviews #1

Every book blogger has DNF’d a book at least once.

I personally, don’t like doing it, especially for reviews copies. I feel I owe myself and the person who sent me the book to finish it because I decide I dislike it.

But, with an ever growing TBR pile, I just don’t have time for books I’m not into.

I might revisit these one day, if I’m ever bored and decide to give it another chance. But these are just little explanations onto why I DNF’d some books. This in no way passes objective judgement, I’m sure others might love them, they just aren’t for me.

I requested and was approved for all these books from Netgalley. Because they are review copies, I tried to stick it out, but I couldn’t. I opinions are not changed because they are review copies. I may or may not revisit any in the future. But at the moment, I have no intention of finishing them at the moment.


A Filthy Habit by Fergus Linnane

From both the title and the cover, I assumed this would be a book of FUNNY short stories.

It wasn’t. Its just a collection of short stories from an author I hadn’t heard of before. I read the first story and a half, was entirely uninterested, and barely remember what I read now. It is more literary fiction / adult fiction than anything, two genres I don’t really enjoy.

Others have given it good reviews, and it has a really great rating on Goodreads, so if you like short stories of those genres you may like it, it just wan’t for me.

It wasn’t bad at all, I just wasn’t into it. Maybe one day in college I’ll get back to it? But for right now, its a DNF.


The Nerdy and the Dirty by B.T. Gottfred

My reason for DNFing this one are simple: it made me uncomfortable.

While I have no problems with sex or discussions of it in books, its a natural thing, it was too much in this book, especially for a YA novel.

Of the 5% (and really, I skipped pages at a time thats how awkward they were – not in a character story sense, in a me sense – if that makes sense) I got through, I think at least 3% was discussions of/thinking of sex and masterbation. And the views of sex were very “stereotypical teen” written by someone obviously not a teen.

While I did like the writing style and the humor, and I thought the characters had great potential, I couldn’t get past the awkwardness. I did like the sex wasn’t portrayed as something only the boys like, as is often in teen fiction, but honestly? It was too much, the other plot points revolved around dating entirely, and it made me uncomfortable and a little nauseas. I might read something else by this author.

If sex in book doesn’t both you, and you like YA romances (in dual POV), then you’ll like this. It does after all have pretty good reviews and rating. It just wasn’t for me.


Boy To The World by Eileen Walls

I didn’t have any particular issue with this one. I just…didn’t click with it.

I read a couple chapters, and was entirely un-engrossed. Already what I read has been forgotten. It was slow going, we hadn’t hit any plot yet. The humor wasn’t my style, and it fell flat for me. I couldn’t bring myself to care about any of the characters.

And I thought, why am I wasting me time?

I’m sure there are others who’d like this, you can relate more to the protagonist, you have a similar style of humor where they’d enjoy it. It has decent reviews and rating on Goodreads, its just not for me.

I think, overall, the main issue here is that I over-request on Netgalley.

I request on a whim too much, and it leads to an ever growing TBR that stresses me out.

I’m stopped requesting for know, until I get it under control, and I’m getting there. But its a big reason behind the lack of time I have to push through books.

But, that I think is another discussion. Why do me make ourselves push through?




4 thoughts on “DNF Books – Mini Reviews #1”

  1. I used to read everything to the bitter end. Then, I created a “tried it” bookshelf on my Goodreads and it liberated me! Now, since I only write positive reviews I feel completely free to quit reading a book before finishing so I can move onto something I can really enjoy. I am so glad I am not alone in the DNF world!

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  2. I’m with you on how you feel about books. I need to finish it before I can decide if I liked it or not. Basically if I stop, I know I didn’t have the whole story to base my opinion on. But lately there are so many books I want to read that DNF’ing is becoming a little bit easier!

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