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Harry Potter Book Tag

I was tagged by the wonderful, ever patient with my terrible upkeep with tags, Icebreaker694 – go check out her lovely blog!

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The Harry Potter Book Tag was created by Trang and Lashaan @ Bookidote and all the graphics below belong to them.


A book you found the theme interesting, but you’d like to rewrite it.

Delirium by Lauren Oliver


Matched by Ally Condie

Both had a really great premise (generally speaking, free will and love are gone/illegal) but both had such irritating MC’s and love triangles that I couldn’t continue on with it.


The first book in a series that got you hooked.

City of Bones by Cassandra Clare

Most people find the first book hard to get into, but it made me really want to continue that series to know what the hell was going on. Its so long but so worth it.


A book you wish you could have right now.

So many. just, so many.

Obsidio by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff is definitely up there though. for sure.


A killer book. Both senses. Take it as you like.

The Dexter series definitely fits this bill – for both senses.

As does Hannibal.


A book that you found really confusing.

Not many books confuse me.

Although, I tried to read Pride and Prejudice and Zombies when I was about 7 and gave up after two pages because we were introduced to about 50 characters in that span and I was utterly lost.


Your spirit animal book.

I don’t know.

Thats like picking children.

Lets just say Harry Potter and be done.


A dark twisted book.

I don’t really read horror.

Though Misery by Stephen King is to this day the freakiest thing I’ve ever read/watched.



A book that surprised you in a great way, reveals to be more than it is.

Because You’ll Never Meet Me (Review: Because You’ll Never Meet Me)

I picked it up on a whim and its now one of my favorite books ever. So much more than I anticipated. And theres a sequel! (Arc Review: Nowhere Near You)


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