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Discussion: On DNF Books And Reviews

DNF stands for “Did Not Finish” – an acronym you’ve probably heard around the book blogging community before.

People DNF books all the time, for all sorts of reasons.

Because they just weren’t liking the book.
Because they were bored.
Because they took a particular issue with the book (problematic /trope they dislike etc.).

Everyone has their own policy on this and I can’t speak for everyone.

I personally dislike DNFing books – it feels dishonest to pass judgement if I didn’t see it through.

I have only DNFed a handful of books. Generally because the content made me physically uncomfortable (like Nerdy and the Dirty) or I am extremely bored / disengaged / hitting a reading slump because of a book. Especially recently with my growing TBR.
Usually, if I put a book down, it’s with the intention of coming back later.

But why?
Why feel guilty about not enjoying a book and doing without it?
Book reviews are often subjective – what I enjoy or don’t enjoy may influence those of similar opinions – but it isn’t the end all be all of a books worth or who may enjoy it even if I don’t.

Recently my views of DNFing has changed. I think it’s okay. We read because our enjoy it, why continue if it becomes a chore. But we should explain ourselves.
Why did we DNF a book?
Something objective or something  subjective in its influence?
Could others potentially like it?
And definitely don’t bash a book you couldn’t finish – that I do see as unfair.

What do you think?

Do you agree with me?

What do you think of DNF books?

8 thoughts on “Discussion: On DNF Books And Reviews”

  1. I’ve DNFed a few recently that I caught some backlash about. I don’t understand that. They are DNFed because I wasn’t enjoying them, that simple. Reading is something we do for enjoyment so why force something on yourself that you don’t enjoy?

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      1. The Song of Achilles is the one that got me some nasty backlash. I was getting some horrible messages on Twitter and Goodreads about DNFing that one. Apparently they thought I had something against the nature of the relationship in that book. Nope! Just thought it was dull as dust.

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        1. You’re allowed to not like a book – it’s a criticism of that book in particular, not the content or themes of the story – there’s a difference. I happen to like Song of Achilles, but everyone likes different things, has different tastes.


  2. I have had only one DNF book so far and I just honestly told the person my reason for DNF and apologized. I suggested that I not do a review since I could not honestly give a proper review since I could not finish it. They were very happy that I did not review and was honest. I see it like this, I may not like it or DNF for some reason, but that does not mean that someone else might like it and give it a great review. Why post negativity.

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