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Discussion: Reviewing Non-Novel Reading Material (Short Stories / Comics / Manga etc.)

Last month I wrote a Discussion on What You Review.

But, I wanted to expand on what I said when I saw a great discussion on How Does One Review Manga and Comics @ RakioddBooks. (And really, check out her blog!)

Because I’d love it if more book bloggers reviewed comics/manga/ etc.

In my discussion, I had mentioned reviewing non-books, but hadn’t gone into detail.

And when commenting on Raquel’s post, I thought I had enough to say on my own views that I’d make my own discussion post as a sort of response. Get my insight out to my own followers.

Here is what I commented:

I haven’t really read enough manga/comics recently to be thinking about how to review them, but I think I’d use a similar system that I use for short story collections.

As you finish a short story (or manga/comic volume) write a mini review, then, when you’ve read enough (5-10 depending on length I’d guess – or even once you’ve finished the series), you can post all the mini-volume reviews in one post with an overall conclusion on your thoughts of the series.

That way, you don’t have to worry about either not having a long enough review or forgetting details of the series as you review.

I’ve reviewed short stories before – I review the collection as a whole with mini-reviews for each individual story in the same post.

I think a similar approach works for manga and comic volumes.

That way you can track your thoughts on each individual issue for your followers, without forgetting details by reviewing at the end, or getting annoying with two sentence reviews posted separately for the whole series/run/etc.

What do you think?

Should they be reviewed differently?

Do you have your own thoughts on it?

Or do you think book blogs should only review books?

Because I like seeing reviews of other types of material.

4 thoughts on “Discussion: Reviewing Non-Novel Reading Material (Short Stories / Comics / Manga etc.)”

  1. Book blogs can review whatever they want. For example, I’m working on a review for a reading-related app to try something new. I also like to read reviews of graphic novels as much as I like to read reviews of novels and short story collections.

    Each genre (short story, novel, poem, manga, etc.) is different, so there are other things that should be considered for reviews, even if one decides not to include them. For graphic novels, I think there needs to be some commentary on the artwork because the story is delivered mostly through that art. You could also include commentary on the overall art style. Some consideration could be given to the fact that many are serials, so things could drastically change or be factually incorrect, based on what happened in an earlier chapter. Novels are interesting as far as keeping track of series because some complain about cliffhangers, though graphic novels can fall into this category too. I find it a little more difficult to review poetry and short stories because I do not read them often or review them often. Poetry has a visual element and a spoken element, so you could pay attention to the shape of the poem and how it sounds. There are guides online that can provide some insight into reviewing these different genres.

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  2. I still really like your suggestion of reviewing a collection volumes individually but posting them together in one post.
    I think I’ve only reviewed a few volumes from a couple of manga series and found that I had a lot to say for the first coulple of volumes, but not much to add after that. So at the moment what I’ve decided to do is to review the first few volumes individually if necessary and then wait until I finish the series. I think this only works with shorter series though. I don’t think I can do with 20+ volume series.

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