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Mini Movie Reviews #2: The Lego Batman Movie / Suicide Squad / Rogue One / Fantastic Beasts & Where To Find Them / Dr. Strange / The Mummy (2017) / Star Trek: Beyond

I’ve had so many movie reviews, half finished, chilling in my drafts for so long that I’ve just decided to make a whole bunch of mini reviews to get through them,or they’ll probably be in my drafts forever. Also, book reviews are going to be a bit scarce for a while (more on that in another post), so, mini movie reviews will be the way to go, especially from the backlog.

This is essentially the Fandom Movie edition of mini movie reviews.

You can see my first mini movie reviews here: Mini-Movie Reviews: American Ultra + Pride Prejudice and Zombies + Neighbors (2) + Kindergarten Cop 2

Let’s do this!

The Lego Batman Movie


This movie doesn’t take itself too seriously. And when watching it, you have to remember that it is a PG lego movie intended for 8 year olds.

The Lego Batman movie doesn’t take itself seriously, it completely hilarious, and plays on a lot of references to other batman movies, as well as tropes in other batman stories (i.e. he’s an angsty loner with no people skills, Alfred as a father figure, Robin as his son). Its a very funny movie – with Robin being adopted and asking for “experimental surgery to make his eyes bigger and more vulnerable looking” to the Joker’s quips about being Batman’s most hated villain that made it sound like a romantic relationship (and made a whole bunch of people low-key ship Joker and Batman).

Its a funny movie, and its well written (and there is no ear0worm-y song like the Lego Movie, though if you liked that you’ll like this). And over all I really enjoyed it. More than Batman V. Superman, at least this one had a plot, even if it is for kids.

Suicide Squad


Suicide Squad is a part of the DCEU (DC Extended Universe) which currently includes Man of Steel, Batman v. Superman, and Wonder Woman.

Suicide Squad is a fun, entertaining movie. Its fast paced, hilarious, and honestly so much better than Batman V. Superman.

But, it is very info-dumpy, as it attempts to introduce, and utilize, a lot of very complex characters, very quickly, and if you don’t know them from the comics, it can be very hard to understand them throughout the movie, and especially at the end.

The action scenes are very visually appealing, though the plot fell flat and rushed at parts. I did like the acting, but a lot of the script was very, over the top at parts.

I did really like it, I know many people have mixed feelings on it. But really, it does’t have to be watched as part of the larger universe, as currently, these characters don’t make an appearance in any other movie, and the most this movie does to further the larger plot of  the DCEU, is Amanda Waller’s deal with Bruce Wayne in the epilogue, that allows both the Suicide Squad, and Justice League, to form.

Rogue One


Rogue One is a Star Wars, one-off story, set immediately before the events of the first movie (Episode 4) chronicles the rebels who stole the information integral to the resistance.

It is a fast-paced, action packed Star Wars story that blends seamlessly into the original trilogy (though with far better graphics).

Its great if you like Star Wars, and isn’t lessened by the fact that, if you know Star Wars, you know exactly how it must end.

The end may fall a little flat if your not already a Star Wars fan though, as it does assume you know at least the larger details of the world-building etc.

Fantastic Beasts & Where To Find Them


Fantastic Beasts is set in the same universe as Harry Potter, though it is NOT a Harry Potter movie, as it is set decades before the events.

Fantastic Beasts follows Newt Scamander (who wrote the textbook Harry and friends use titled Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them) as he, essentially, to traveling, doing research to write the book, post graduation from Hogwarts.

The movie chronicles him coming to America in the 1920’s, where the magic community is very different than in Britain (i.e.. Salem witch trials still in the forefront of memory), as he attempts to bring one of his creatures to its natural habitat and gets caught up in all sorts of trouble, with his creatures getting loose, and meeting wizarding officials in America who are after him for causing trouble.

If you like the Wizarding world, and want to know more about it, this is a great movie. Its funny, its entertaining, and its in part written by JK Rowling. The characters and the plot are great.

It also sets the stage for the next few movies, chronicling Dumbledore and Grindelwald – who we know from the HP series was the first dark lord, that Dumbledore defeating, and was once friends with (and some people think was in love with).

This movie also introduces the concept of an obscures, which raising more questions on the story of Ariana Dumbledore that I’m sure we’ll see in later movies, and I am very excited for.

Dr. Strange


One of the new characters introduced in this phase of the MCU is Dr. Stephen Strange. A neurosurgeon who loses the fine motor function of his hands, and turns to mystical powers for help.

It also stars Benedict Cumberbatch, so, you know.

To me, it is one of the best Marvel movies – both because of the acting, the writing, and the special effects which were very Inception-like.

Dr. Strange is one of my favorite comic characters, and while obviously things are changed up (they made him a bit more likable in the movie) I think they did him justice. The movie was well paced and pretty funny. I like the relationships in it too, and that they did’t rush the impending romance into insta-love territory.

I’m excited to see more of Dr. Strange in the upcoming movies.

The Mummy (2017)


The Mummy. A much talked about movie.

Lets set aside the talks I’ve seen about whitewashing etc. surrounding the movie, which is valid and important, but I am in no way qualified or knowledgable enough to touch upon.

Lets just talk about it in a vacuum, as a movie.

The Mummy was, to my knowledge, marketed as a reboot/remake of the Brandon Fraiser movie movies – which I’ve never seen but, having ridden the ride at Universal and existed on Earth gotten the gist of.

The Mummy didn’t feel like a reboot/remake though. It echoed the originals – similar plot structures in places, the book of the dead, etc. But the entire arc of the movie differed.

For one thing, the mummy is a female, and looking for a mate to use as the body to bring the devil (Set) back to life.

It is also the first movie in Universal’s Dark Universe series, a Shared Universe series Universal pictures is making involving classic movie monsters such as The Mummy, Dracula, Frankenstein, etc.

This movie introduces certain topics/themes/characters and the goal of “eradicating all evil” as well as introducing Dr. Jekyll / Mr. Hyde. While it felt info-dumping at points, and the action a bit, disjointed, it was over-all, a solid movie, with lots of funny moments and a satisfying end. I do look forward to the other Dark Universe movies now.

Star Trek: Beyond


I love Star Trek. I love the new Star Trek reboot movies.

Though this one… I did like it, but it wasn’t my favorite. I liked where it was going, with Kirk feeling like the responsibility was getting to him as he reached an age older than his father ever was. I liked the Spock and Bones interactions. I liked the idea of the Enterprise crew being stranded. I liked where it was going, but the resolutions just, fell a little flat. It was more action movie than Star Trek, more so than the other two. And the action scenes were a bit much with the swinging camera angles, you can tell JJ Abrams didn’t direct it. It was a good movie, and I especially like the nod to George Takei with Sulu in this movie, but it wasn’t the best Star Trek movie.

I really hope you enjoyed these seven mini reviews!

Let me know if you like these mini review posts, if there are any movies you want me to review, if you’ve seen any of these and agree/disagree with my thoughts, I’d love to hear yours!



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