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Poem: Stages Of A Doomed Love Story

In the first we conceal our fault lines
In the second, the earthquake hits and the truth revealed
In the third we rose from the ashes and deal with the aftermath

We were disaster waiting in the wings
Nothing with ever be the same

Because I think each one of us gets two great loves
Not the usual one
The first is the one that breaks us apart
The second is the one that either heals us or
Excepts us with are scars as we are

These are the purest kinds of love
And sometime one person can be all of them
This we call a soulmate
Pity they’re rarely a reality

This city lives
On the edge of forever
Smoke and ashes
Don’t damage for long

We survive
We thrive
Despite your best efforts to
Burn us alive

Girls in tattered dresses
Boys in twisted halos
The sweetest lips
Are the ones dripping poison

These are the things we say
The secrets we keep
Because the angels watch over us
But they can’t save us from our selves
And the devil fell
From grace
Because he loved too much

So it’s too much
And girls fall
From white feathers
To the thorns
And a promise
Deals at a crossroads
Sell your heart
Instead of your soul
And it’s not a forever deal
And that’s the problem

The only things you want to last
The ones that don’t

This city stands on the edge if forever
Maybe it’s been here too long

(We’ve started to think the ashes are pretty,
We’ve started playing with fire,
Get out before you get burned)

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