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Senior Year Book Tag (Original)

As you probably know, I start my senior year of high school now in August!
And that means several things.
First, it means I have one more year before going to college.
Second, I will be spending the next three to four months in a haze of stress filling out college and scholarship applications.
Third, I will not only have less time to post, but be so monumentally terrified of posting because WHAT IF I SAY SOMETHING STUPID AND COLLEGES DECIDE THEY DON’T WANT ME. Because of this, I feel I must clarify that the above gif is a joke. I complain about school like every other teenager ever, but I quite like most classes and I like learning – please let me go to college.
Okay, back to the blog post.
In honor of this, I have made a “Senior Year Book Tag” to celebrate.


– Link back to the creator (RiverMoose-Reads)
-Answer the questions
-Tag 5+ people, preferably seniors.

Almost Done – A series ending this year (or next)

The Queen Of Air And Darkness by Cassandra Clare comes out next May, the last of The Dark Artifices Trilogy. It comes out the month I graduate so that seems fitting!

Senioritis – A book that focuses on mental health


Grades – A character who’d have a similar class schedule / grades as you.

Definitely Annabeth Chase – we’re both overachieving who take AP classes and MUST get those straight A’s.

Graduation – A character that has come a long way through a book or series

Both Ollie and Mortiz learn and grow throughout this duology.

Cap and Grown – A character whose outfits you want

My style could probably be described as most akin to Cath from Fangirl – her wardrobe is probably full of nerdy stuff and I’d gladly take it.

College – A new adult read


I Tag:

All incoming seniors who read this.

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