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AP Literature Reading Challenge – 2017/18 School Year


If you’ve been reading my blog for, pretty much any length of time, you’ll know at least two things:

  1. I avoid and mostly dislike classics.
  2. I am taking AP English Lit this coming school year.

What does that mean? I have to read EVERY CLASSIC EVER IF I WANT TO PASS. (Not literally, it just feels that way)

So, to make the chore of “I must read this to not fail” (which tends to suck all the fun out), I’m making a reading challenge!

From September 1st 2017 (A week after school starts)  – May 1st 2018 (A week before the AP test), the goal is to read as many classics and AP Lit recommended books as possible.

I figure lots of others are in the same boat as me, and others still want to get more classics read. Everyone is welcome to join, just comment down below telling me you’re joining me, and if you make a TBR post (to keep us updated on your progress!) link that below as well!

For Some TBR Ideas:

AP Lit Course Description – Lists Recommended Authors

Prep Scholar Book List

Every Book On The Exam Since 1971

Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge

My TBR: (In No Particular Order)

The Great Gatsby




-Whatever else I decide, because I’m not great at sticking to TBRs made in advance.

-The books above are the specific classics my AP Lit teacher recommended we read.

7 thoughts on “AP Literature Reading Challenge – 2017/18 School Year”

  1. I also took AP English and I loved it. We didn’t actually read too many classics. I found the other English classes read more traditional classics than we did. I didn’t like classics in high school but in university I had to read a lot of them, so now I love them! I’m excited to join your reading challenge!

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  2. I took AP Lit in my senior year. I’m not really sure what I got out of that class except a rudimentary understanding of close reading. In case it wasn’t apparent, I’m not sure my school actually prepared anyone for that exam, so I hope your instructor is better than mine. Here’s my advice:
    – Read classics and perhaps modern classics. There are plenty of lists online, and you already have a good TBR for it.
    – Learn your literary devices.
    – Learn how to construct an arguable thesis statement now instead of later.
    – To help yourself remember the contents of your books, create a page that you can draw on, write down quotes and devices, and summarize what you read.
    – Review past essay questions early on for practice. Not every AP class gives adequate test practice, so definitely start practicing by January.

    I wish you luck in your AP class this year.

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