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Mini Video Game Reviews: Fran Bow / Hatoful Boyfriend / Broken Age / Turmoil / Sunless Sea / The Stanley Parable

So –

I’ve been doing a bunch of mini movie reviews, but I can only watch so many movies so quickly.

So, here is some mini reviews for some games I played over the last year or so.

Fran Bow


This is a point-clink horror game. Featuring unreliable protagonist Fran Bow who may or may not be psychotic, and takes pills that help her see this spirit world as she escapes from a mental hospital and tries to find her kitty and get back home. Its pretty creepy – and leaves you guessing as to whats really going on for most of the game. The story and graphics are pretty cool. And its a fun game – though some sections are a bit tricky to figure out. Its not “jumpscare/combat” horror, more like sinister and creepy. Its one of my favorite horror/creepy games.

Hatoful Boyfriend


This is a dating sim game. A weird one at that – where birds are the dominate species and humans are still hunter-gatherers. You play as a human, romancing birds (with human portraits). Its weirdly fun, and pretty hilarious. And under the romance there is a pretty sinister story. After you romance each bird, you unlock the BBL True Ending which is crazy cool. I won’t spoil anything. But if this sounds like something you’d like – you will.

Broken Age


I LOVE this game. A great story – with two protagonists whose separate stories intertwine. Lots of secrets, amazing graphics, voice-acting, music etc. I really really love it. Sometimes the way to continue isn’t super clear – so I had to google it, but other than that its great.



This is a level based game in which your goal is to make the most money by drilling the most oil and become the mayor. its pretty fun, and lots of upgrades etc. are available to keep it from getting too repetitive. It doesn’t have much of a story, but its pretty fun. It is pretty too.

Sunless Sea


This is a really open ended game – one that you will die in multiple times before getting it. Its a fun, exploration based game, with choices you can make that effect the story and end goal. its mostly test based, though it does have some really beautiful graphics and some combat. If that seems like your sort of thing, I recommend it.

The Stanley Parable


This is a more meta game. It relies on narration and is in-turns hilarious and introspective.

With multiple endings and little tricks, you can play this for a while, and its really a lot of fun.

Great game if you like slower paced games.

I hope you guys enjoyed this!

Have you guys played any of these games? What did you think?

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