Poem: Forever Is Too Long

Oh we built this city on
The ruins of an old one
On the bones of those before
On the ashes of the ones
Who couldn’t escape the fire

And here we are
Human nature
We survive despite the odds
We always survive
But not always with souls intact

So tell me a story
Tell me about a hero who
Never did wrong
Tell me about a villain
Who’s evil to the core

Make it easy
Clear-cut lines
No more jagged edges
I’m tired of sorting through
The right and wrong of things
Only to end up backwards

And oh humans
We’re a mess
Top of the world
We reached Everest
We’ve been to the moon
But we fight over rocks that shine
And desert lands
Only because we can

We’re a mess of contradictions
We want peace
Yet we rage war
We want good health and fortune
We want love
But we kill and steal and lust
We make rules only to break them

Here is this city
Built by humans
How dirty and broken it is
Safer than the jungle
But never is so
We are our own worst enemies
Our greatest threat is ourselves

Watch out for the monsters
They don’t come in the shadows
They look like us
They are us
We are our own monsters
Reflected in the mirror
Bound to escape

Take your soul and measure it
Does it drip red
Is it a feather or steel
Or something else entirely

Take your soul and say what’s it worth
We do horrible things in the name of love and lesser things
But good things too


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