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Mini Movie Reviews #6: Logan / Hidden Figures / No Men Beyond This Point / The Final Girls / Jack Of The Red Hearts / The Great Gilly Hopkins

Ready for more mini movie reviews?

I hope so, because here they are!

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So I finally watched this.

It made me cry a lot. The little girl was phenomenal.

It was a bit slow to get into but ultimately I liked it. I did feel like I was missing something the whole time though, as it doesn’t really follow the other X-Men movies directly – like there should be 2-3 movies between to fully explain who we got to this point.

But if you like Wolverine, watch it. Be prepared to cry though.

Hidden Figures


I…don’t think I did to say much on this. Its based on a true story. Its great. And my AB Calc teacher had us watch it after the AP test last year and traumatized us all by pausing it on the screen with nothing my calculations on the chalkboard and asked us “ready to learn how to do that in BC next year?” – I DON’T WANT TO DO LITERAL ROCKET SCIENCE I WANT TO ADMIRE THOSE WHO CAN FROM AFAR.

Watch it.

No Men Beyond This Point


THIS IS A SATIRE. I saw so many reviews hating on it because of “the feminist agenda” or whatever such non-sense. Its satire!

Essentially, the movie is mock-umentary style of what the world would be like if men became obsolete, following “men’s rights” struggles and the youngest man alive who works as a manny.

It falls a little flat at parts, tries too hard to be serious etc. But ultimately its pretty compelling. The point is that, when women fight for equality – this is the future “menimists” are envisioning when clearly its ridiculous.

The Final Girls


This is one of those comedy-horror-satire movies. I love these. Basically, our MC is the daughter of a B-list horror movie actress, who has since passed. Her friends organize a marathon of her mother’s movies and a fire in the theater transports them INTO one of these B-horror movies – and they attempt to escape by surviving the plot of the movie. Its pretty cheesy, but also pretty funny, and its pretty self aware of its cheesy-ness. I also liked the characters. If you like comedy-horror movies, definitely check it out!

Jack Of The Red Hearts


Jack of the Red Hearts is a Lifetime-esque drama about a girl who has aged out of the foster system – and whose little sister is still in it – trying to get her sister back. She has trouble with minor crimes/petty theft etc. and ends up impersonating a nanny with experience with special needs. She begins to help this family with a young girl with autism, whose parents mean well but are at their wits end. I think it handles the issue well – all the characters are flawed in a very human way, and it tackles the issue that not all children with autism are the same, and many parents struggle very much, but that the child is still capable of love and isn’t something to be fixed. It was a little over-dramatisied but ultimately I liked it. I recommend it.

The Great Gilly Hopkins


I watched this on Netflix. Its another Lifetime-esque drama, though this one is geared more towards younger audiences. Featuring troubled foster child Gilly Hopkins, who is reluctant to bond with her new foster mother and slightly-odd much-younger foster brother. She ends up lying and stealing from their blind neighbor in an attempt to leave, before eventually fighting to stay. I will say the end made me cry a little. Its pretty well down, and I liked the cast. I recommend it if you like these sorts of dramas.


2 thoughts on “Mini Movie Reviews #6: Logan / Hidden Figures / No Men Beyond This Point / The Final Girls / Jack Of The Red Hearts / The Great Gilly Hopkins”

  1. I still haven’t watched Logan *takes a deeeeeeep breath* but I’m finally going to. The ending was spoiled for me but I definitely want to watch it, I haven’t because I know I’ll end up ugly crying but my brother is coming, so I’m gathering my courage and going to watch it with him.


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