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NaNoWriMo 2017 – #1: What I’m Writing

I’m talked about my WIP Legacy of Stardust a few times on this blog (Notably: NaNoWriMo 2016 – Writing + Life Updates). But I’m tackling a different WIP this month because for NaNo you’re meant to start with a fresh, first draft.

I actually changed which story I’d be writing for on the 3rd. I have a Word Doc FULL of novel ideas, some more fleshed out then others. The one I intended to write had a lot less planned then I thought, and I couldn’t write it (I’m a plotter at heart, not a pant-ser).

So I settled on a story where I had at least the major plot points figured out, if not the way they connect.

That story is:

Title –


Brief Summary –

Morgan doesn’t have a heart. The son of a notorious pirate captain and traitor, most see this as an advantage living in a world where a bleeding heart is the surest way to get yourself killed. His father traded his son’s heart, just like his own loyalty – and Morgan will get it back if he must cut it out of a man’s chest himself.

Kell is a Dealer. A trader of artifices, but when his hands are traced to a cursed locket that ended up in a visiting princess’s possession, he has to run. He never met to get mixed into killings and sorts – but a street rat doesn’t last long unless he’s useful. And Kell has always been light on his feet and swift with his hands.

Princess Thea wants just one adventure before being married off – caught in the midst of pirates and cursed objects, she gets more than she bargained for when the sister of her would be fiancé is nearly killed by a cursed necklace. Especially when it is revealed that she is one of the few alive left with inborn magic. Powerful enough to put back a heart. Powerful enough to take one out. Even her own. Hearts are a tricky business after all. Especially when one is betrothed to someone they’d never met.

Morgan has a ship. Thea has magic.  Kell has the connections to find anything, even a heart – which is as deep in the Shadow Markets one can get. But hearts are a dark magic – and all magic comes with a price.

As of November 4rd, I have 2986 words, which includes two chapters and a couple disjointed scenes. I’m a little behind, if you can tell.

But what do you think of my WIP? Do you think I’ll win Nano (haven’t for the past four years but I’m going to keep trying)? Are you doing NaNo? Let me know!

3 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo 2017 – #1: What I’m Writing”

  1. The story has several different ideas I’ve heard of before from different stories/TV series. But they always say there’s no new idea under the sun. And if you can make this one work, then go for it. 🙂 i think your biggest challenge would be to making the pirates and shadow markets come alive to your readers. Those sound the most interesting just by your short description.

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