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Poem: My Daughter the YA Heroine

I was looking through old emails for a poem I wrote in the tenth grade to use for a writing project, and I found this. Its pretty terrible, but kind of funny. So I’ll post this here.

My Daughter the YA Heroine

My girl she’s special
Not like the other girls
She’s pretty
But she doesn’t think it
Smart but doesn’t
Make a big deal of it
My girl she has
two best friends
Hanging out with
The neighbors boy
The one they say
Is trouble
She’s been helping him study
Their lab partners in science
But she hates him no really
I’m too busy to figure out the truth
A job to do bills to pay
Here father called last week
But She didn’t want to talk
My girl she’s fragile
Not strong not fast
But she holds the weight
Of all his secrets
She whispers in the dark
My girl
She comes home with
Blood on her clothes
And I want to scream
Stay away run away
He’s no good
But she doesn’t trust me
She trusts him
And he looks so broken
When she’s gone
I lost the right to tell her
I can only say
And she thinks she’s smart
Thinks she’s getting away
With the lies
But mothers know
They listen to the silence between
My girl
she’s gonna change the world
If she lives through
This hell
My girl
she’s gonna change the world
If she only let’s herself

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