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Album Review: Last Young Renegade by All Time Low

Last Young Reneage Album Cover

Last Young Renegade is All Time Low’s seventh album I’ve been listening to All Time Low since middle school, and I was super excited when this album came out. I definitely like it better than Future Hearts (their previous album), even if its not my favorite of their albums.

Last Young Renegade –

The titular song of the album. Super fun, great song.

Best Lyric:
Making mistakes that were made for us
We brushed them off like paper cuts

Drugs & Candy –

Pretty catchy, fun to listen to when you’re not really listening to the lyrics.

Best Lyric:
I can’t take another hollow-point conversation
It’s getting hard to fake

Dirty Laundry –

A little slower than I’m used to, not my favorite, though the lyrics are great!

Best Lyric:
I don’t believe in saints
They never make mistakes

Good Times –

Not my favorite, a little depressing and kind of repetitive. Not bad, but not great.

Best Lyric:
Remember how we laughed ’til we cried
I won’t forget the good times

Nice2KnoU –

High energy, fast paced, catchy song. Really relatable for me now senior year.

Best Lyric:
One last time for old time’s sake
One more bend before we break

Life of the Party –

This song’s a little slower, and a little sadder in the verses then All Time Low usually has, but a great, high energy chorus. Probably one of my favorites. Great lyrics.

Best Lyric:
Somewhere in between
Who I used to be
And who I’ll be tomorrow
When the champagne blows my mind

Nightmares –

This one is slower and sadder. The lyrics are heavier. Its doesn’t sound much like All Time Low to me. I like the chorus, but I don’t love this song.

Best Lyric:
I told myself that I wouldn’t be scared
But I’m still having nightmares

Dark Side of Your Room –

Not my favorite off the album, but I love the chorus and I really do enjoy it. Doesn’t sound like I’m used to for All Time Low, but I don’t mind it much.

Best Lyric:
This scene is so complicated
Are these your friends, or are they mine?

Ground Control
(featuring Tegan and Sara) –

Not particularly memorable. I don’t hate it, but I don’t really like it.

Best Lyric:
What do the books say about this one?
Now I think we’ve lost it all
There’s nothing to explain the distances anymore

Afterglow –

This one is slow as well, but I actually like this one. Again, not my favorite, but enjoyable.

Best Lyric:
“Can’t stay here but you can’t go home,”
Did you hear that line somewhere before?

(Japanese Bonus Track)
Chemistry –

Sounds a little different then what I’m used to for them, but still catchy. Not the best verses, but great chorus.

Best Lyric:
I really wanna go there again but I’m thinking
You know we never go there as friends

(Japanese Bonus Track)
Vampire Shift –

Possibly my favorite song of this album, and I’m so mad its a bonus track only. Super catchy, great lyrics.

Best Lyric:
Oh, Mr. Sandman, please don’t come around
I don’t wanna sleep ’til I’m six feet underground


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