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Series I Need To Finish

Over the last couple of years, I’ve started a couple of very popular series that I’ve never gotten around to finishing.

Here is a list of them, feel free to yell at me/hold me accountable to actually doing so.

Which should I focus on finishing first?


I read the first book back in the 7th(?) grade, so its been a fair few years. I’ll have to re-read it before continuing, but I definitely want to read this series.



I read Cinder and Scarlet back in 10th grade, and never finished because I did’t own the books. I recently bought this boxset, and I’m excited to finally finish the series.

throne_of_glass_seriesI’ve only read the first book of Throne of Glass, that was was back in 10th grade when I went to Orlando with my best friend and she all but threw the book at me to make me read it. I really need to read this series before she murders me.


Again, like the last series, I’ve read the first book, but haven’t gotten around to continuing, and my best friend wants to kill me for it.


I liked The 5th Wave, and I own the whole trilogy, so its really a matter of getting to it at this point.

I LOVED the first book, though it read it so long ago I may re-read it. And I now have the 2nd and 3rd book so I can actually finish the series! Hopefully in time for the movie!

12 thoughts on “Series I Need To Finish”

  1. Oh you defiantly need to finish The Lunar Chronicles! It’s amazing I swear. It’s totally worth it! Haha I’m the same though, I’ve so many good series that I need to finish and I never have the time. Doesn’t stop me from staring new ones though.😅

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  2. I never finished the legend series either! Of your list, I would definitely say work on The Lunar Chronicles and the Court of Thorns and Roses series. They are both so, so good! Also, the ACOTAR books get significantly better after the first book, so if you liked that one you will love the rest of the series!


  3. I’ve never read these series, so I can’t say which one you should finish first. I only have three series that I need to finish right now, but one of the series doesn’t have all the books released yet.


  4. Aside from the Jenny Han series I have all of those on my tbr xD I personally liked legend very much but since I didn’t read any of the other ones I don’t think you should count my opinion xD


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