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Discussion: What Makes A Good Book Boyfriend?


Alternatively could be titled: Types of Book Boyfriends

What Makes A Good Book Boyfriend:

Book boyfriends are different from your OTP or preferred choice in a love triangle.

Book boyfriends are book characters YOU would date.

I have below a non-definitive list of my own book boyfriends, grouped into three types of book boyfriends – in honor of today being valentines day.

But what makes a good book boyfriend?

 – They are usually attractive (for whatever you find attractive – this varies by person)

– They have a great sense of humor usually

-They are good boyfriends to their love interest in a given book, sweet or caring, or good with kids/animals. Tragic pasts and the “ability to be evil but aren’t due to love” are also common.

– Hot, dark and brooding is also common

– Anti-hero/villain a common theme

– If you’d date him in real life – he’s a book boyfriend

Strong and Silent:

Strong and silent ones are a sort of middle between good guy and bad boy. Less snark but more guarded. Usually, they don’t want to hurt another boy in a love triangle, they have a horrific past, and really don’t want to fall in love but do. They are physically strong, and usually have training scenes. Usually, the girl is the only one to make him laugh or seem to let his guard down and just be himself. Usually in a power of duty, and very hot. Not very flirty.

Fang – Maximum Ride

Dimitri – Vampire Academy

X – The Edge of Everything

Chaos – Throne of Glass

The Bad Boy:

Some bad boy types of love interest skit the line between Bad boy and actually evil boy, but we still love them. Usually, they’re guarded, a little mean at first and very snarky/sarcastic. Usually part of a love triangle. They are funny, and almost always very very hot. Very flirty too.

Daemon – Lux Series

Jace Wayland – Mortal Instruments

Adrian – Vampire Academy Aeries

Warner – Shatter Me Series

Zach Goode – Gallagher Girls Series

Will Herondale – Infernal Devices Trilogy

The Good Guy:

The good guys are usually not love interests to the protagonist, they’re background characters etc. Some try to be bad boys but can’t pull it off. They are very sweet, caring etc. Virtually the only guy capable of communicating his feelings. They are much more common in contemporary books.

Jase – My Life Next Door

Liam – Darkest Minds

Day – Legend series.

Kenji Kishimoto – Shatter Me

Seth Clearwater – Twilight Saga

Noah Czerny – The Raven Cycle

Finnick – The Hunger Games

Jem Carstaires – Infernal Devices

Carter Blume – Bad Girls Don’t Die

Levi – Fangirl

Do you share any book boyfriends with me?

Do you disagree with any?

Do you have another type/category of book boyfriends?

Let  me know!


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