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Power Couples Book Tag

I was tagged by the extremely amazing Icebreaker694. Go check out her blog!

And look at me being timely with a tag!

A couple that share big passions and goals




Big goals is pretty solidly Katniss and Peeta as a couple I’d say.

A couple that love and respect each other




Lily and James Potter. You can’t have a power couples list without them.

A couple that is stronger together than apart




Magnus and Alec Lightwood are one of my favorite couples ever. And we’re getting a Malec series and I need it already!

A couple that wholly support each other




Percy and Annabeth to a T!

A couple that is genuinely cute together


Spoilers for The Raven King!!!

Adam and Ronan are super cute together – even if we don’t see much of them as an official couple by the end of the series. Ronan literally dreams up hand cream for Adam and helps get him away from his dad and they essentially adopt a dream child together. I am so ready for the Opal short story!



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18 thoughts on “Power Couples Book Tag”

  1. Lovely selection of couples, I absolutely adore Katniss and Peeta and I agree with you when you say they have quite big goals. Also, Annabeth and Percy are the cutest! ❤ I still haven't reached the part where Adam and Ronan are canon, but I know they are a fan favourite and I'm excited to read the books! ❤

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