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Discussion: Who Would You Pick In This YA Love Triangle?

January didn’t have a discussion, so February gets two!

Valentines Day gave me a couple good discussion ideas too which is nice.

For Valentines, my discussion post was What Makes A Good Book Boyfriend?

Keeping with the Valentines theme though its passed already, this post is all about YA love triangles. Love them or hate them, they exist quite persistently.

Here is:

Who Would You Pick In This YA Love Triangle?


*Graphic isn’t mine, its from this great discussion –

 On the Young Adult Love Triangle Cliche


Shatter Me

Adam vs. Warner

I read the first Shatter Me book a few years ago. And just…never continued. I didn’t own the rest and never got around to buying them. Its one of the series I most want to finish.

Juliette dates Adam, and I got the feeling that maybe he’s who she’s supposed to end up with, but I love Warner. I always like the love interests with issues/ability to be evil. They aren’t the love interest you’d pick in real life, but in fiction complicated characters are the best.


Red Queen

Cal vs. Maven

Red Queen By Victoria Aveyard Book Review

This is another series that I’ve only read the first book, which I LOVED. I’m behind on a lot of series, I’ve mentioned this a lot.

Cal was my favorite throughout the book, with the end of Red Queen only cementing that for me. Maven misses the Bad Boy mark entirely going into Evil REAL quick.


Throne of Glass

Chaol vs. Dorian

AGAIN, I’ve only read the first book. And Assassin’s Blade. But my best friend talks about it so much I know an amalgamation of facts from later books.

She LOVES Dorian and I like Dorian a lot, but I ship her with Chaol. I think they make the cuter couple, but I mostly feel alone in that.


A Court of Thorns and Roses

Tamlin vs. Rhysand

I’ve read the first book and part of the second. Forgive me. My best friend hates Tamlin and loves Rhysand, though I haven’t seen much of Rhysand.

I liked Tamlin in book one until the end, when he got very very annoying. Apparently he gets more annoying, so I’ll probably love Rhysand soon enough.


The Selection

Aspen vs. Maxon

I haven’t read The Heir or The Crown. I feel no need.

But they’re separate from this anyways.

The love triangle here annoyed me SO MUCH. She was never going to pick Aspen, obviously. It only existed to add plot where basically none existed.

Maxon deserved better than America, but the time I got to The One, I wanted to kill her.


Hunger Games

Peeta vs. Gale

Throughout the first two books, I loved Gale. He was her best friend, and I’m a sucker for friends-to-lovers. And even at 11 years old, it felt like Peeta was guilting her into loving him initially. After Mockingly, and Gale dropping the bombs I was team Peeta all the way – which was maybe the point of making Gale an A**.

I love the fan theories that Katniss is Aromantic/Asexual one or the other or both. I think that would have been great.

A look, its a series I’ve actually finished…


Grisha Trilogy

Mal vs. Darkling

I haven’t actually read The Grisha Trilogy. I don’t actually even know much about it.

All I know, is that most everyone who likes the bad boy love interest loves the darkling, and that I probably will too.


Infernal Devices

Jem vs. Will

This is, hands down, the best example of a love triangle done right I can think of.

Its virtually impossible to choose who you love more, and it was resolved the best possible way.

I bow to Cassie Clare for the ending of this series.


The Love Interest

Dylan vs. Caden

Netgalley Review: The Love Interest

This is the only standalone on the list.

This is a satire about the use of love triangles in YA fiction.

I love Dylan and Caden together, even if parts of the ending ticked me off.



Edward vs. Jacob

Discussion: Why I Still Love Twilight

Look, I had to include Twilight on this list. Its THE YA love triangle that comes to mind. I prefer Jacob personally, but I like Edward with Bella more than Bella with Jacob if that makes sense. I don’t think much needs to be said on Twilight, especially since its had its own discussion.

Let me know if I missed any big love triangles you’d like to mention.

Do you agree with my choices?

With the final author choice?

Let me know!

Also, I found this epic Epic-Reads quiz that inspired this post

– Which Side of the Love Triangle Would You Choose?


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