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Liebster Award #5

I was nominated by Bri’s Book Nook –  go check them out!

Liebster Award

Liebster Award (Number 2!!!!)

Liebster Award #3

Liebster Award #4


  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog/post
  2. Answer the nominator’s 11 questions
  3. Come up with your own set of 11 questions to be answered by your nominees
  4. Nominate 11 bloggers of your choosing – don’t forget to tag them, provide a link to their blogs – let them know!!

My Answers:

1) What is your favorite type of blog post to make? (Review, Book Tag, etc.)

I love tags and discussion and reviews – some just take more effort…

2) What is the highest number of books you have read from a single author?

Screen Shot 2018-03-10 at 4.59.11 PM

3) What was your favorite childhood book/book series?

Not counting like, Harry Potter or Percy Jackson etc.


4) What is the most beautiful book cover you’ve ever seen?


5) What is the best book-to-movie adaptation that you’ve seen? What is the worst book-to-movie adaptation that you’ve seen?


Worst: Will always be Percy Jackson…

6) What is your reading snack, if you have one?

I don’t eat when I read, but sometimes I have tea or coffee with me.

7) What is the longest blog post that you have ever written?

I have ZERO idea.

8) What books have put you into a book slump?

I don’t think its ever been a specific book – more like school and stuff.

9) Which book series do you want a spin-off series for? Which book series did you NOT want a spin-off series for?

Want: I will ALWAYS want a Marauders spin off okay!!!

I can’t think of one I you;don’t want – excerpt for like, 50 Shades or something.

10) What is the best book you’ve ever read by a little-known author?


Review: Because You’ll Never Meet Me

Arc Review: Nowhere Near You

11) Which character did you accidentally fall in love with as you attempted to hate them?

This happens with too many villains…

First one that comes to mind is Aiden from Illuminae!

I Nominate:

(Just use my questions, I’m lazy right now)

Casey @ Adopt-a-Book-AUS

B @ Icebreaker694

Calliope The Book Goddess

Raquel @ Rakiodd Books

The Orangutan Librarian

Kayla @ KDrew The Bookworm

Sophie @ Blame it on Chocolate

Alex @ Lord of the Trekkies

Melting Pots and Other Calamities

Emma @ Corn Reviews Books

Roses Book Nook


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