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Netgalley Review – Voltron Legendary Defender Vol. 2: Pilgrimage


Voltron Legendary Defender

Vol. 2: Pilgrimage

by Tim Hedrick, Mitch Iverson

When the Voltron Paladins respond to a distress call, they discover a group of alien settlers on a mining planet under attack by the Galra.

The five daring pilots must then escort the convoy of rescued settlers to their new home. To succeed they must cross into increasingly dangerous territory, successfully navigate amongst frightening predators and colossal beasts, and battle the evil Galra!

A media tie-in to the successful DreamWorks Animation relaunch of VOLTRON LEGENDARY DEFENDER on Netflix, written by two of the show’s writers. • Each Lion Forge VOLTRON LEGENDARY DEFENDER series ties into the ongoing story arcs of the Netflix series.

I received an e-arc copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

4 Stars

I really like Voltron. I’ve watched the first two seasons on Netflix (I know, I’m WAY behind) and loved it. So I requested this.

You definitely need to know Voltron to read this, at least the premise and characters (not the whole show, its a separate adventure).

Vol. 2 takes place during season 2 in between episode 3 (Shiro’s Escape) and episode 8 (The Blade of Marmora).

The artwork matched the animation style of the show really well – so you know exactly what you’re in for art-wise. Though, I did find some pages/panels a bit busy – a lot going on, especially color wise.

I loved how much Hunk was focused on in the comic – especially because it feels like Hunk is ignored a lot in the show. I liked seeing more of the daily life of Voltron, and a new alien species – though the species of furry creatures was bit odd. I liked the little “Lance’s Guide To Falling In Love” interlude.

Its a cute, fast read if you like the show. Definitely aimed at a younger audience – the target audience of the show is about 7+ and the comic reflects this a little more than the show does I think.

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