Silver Knight Award Tag (Original)

Where I live, there is a service project award for seniors called “silver knight“.

I applied for it with my website downsbutnotout.weebly.com – I think I’ve mentioned it before – its a website advocating for Down’s syndrome awareness and I write about growing up with a sister with downs and interview parents and doctors and teachers. I’m also working an a photo series of some of the kids at The Miami Learning Experience.
I’m making this award/tag to spread the word of my website around, so more people can see it and use it. Everyone loves blog award tags, right?
It’s mostly intended for prospective parents but I’d love for everyone to check it out and spread the word – it would really help me out.
Rules –
1) Answer the questions
2) link to the original post
3) link to DownsButNotOut
4) Nominate 5+ people
Silver Knight –
What is your greatest accomplishment?
Miami Herald –
What company/group/person do you think needs more credit for its community service dedication?
Community –
What local programs need more love and attention?
Service –
Spotlight a charity / organization that you believe in.
Tag book bloggers and parent blogs (especially of downs kids)

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