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Every Vlogbrothers Project Ever

Nerdfighteria Dictionary


  • Vlogbrothers – launched January 2007 as Brotherhood 2.0. Originally, the challenge was that the brothers Green could not speak textually for one year, but the videos continued well after that and the channel still uploads regularly.
  • Truth or Fail – launched March 2009 after initial videos on Vlogbrothers. The original game show had several episodes but ultimately was expensive to produce and didn’t play well with YouTube’s algorithms, so it was discontinued. The last video was uploaded in March 2013
  • Hankschannel – created November 2009 as a personal channel for unedited videos. This is where Hank posts the annual census analysis and sometimes does VEDA or intermittent vlogs.
  • Vidcon – launched in 2009 to announce the first Vidcon, the channel now features highlights from the annual convention.
  • Hankgames – launched November 2010 with Hank playing Assassin’s Creed. Despite its name, the channel was hijacked by John and now almost exclusively features FIFA.
  • CrashCourse – launched January 2012, originally featuring courses in Biology, Psychology and World History, (see the main article for a full list) continues to upload twice a week in ever-expanding topics.
  • SciShow – launched January 2012 and still uploading videos; run by Hank’s Missoula team
  • Animal Wonders – launched in January, 2012, this channel originally featured only short clips of the animals occasionally. Starting in late 2013, Jessi began making regular vlogs about the animals. This was likely incited by growing interest in her business largely spurred on by her regular segment on SciShow Talk Show. Animal Wonders currently posts weekly.
  • The Lizzie Bennet Diaries – launched April 2012 and ran regularly for a year; Hank was co-executive producer with Bernie Su. Based on the novel Pride and Prejudice
  • Sanditon – A series of videos set at the company that Lizzie and later Emma worked at, Pemberley Digital. Launched in May 2013 and the last video was posted August of the same year.
  • All The Questions – launched in Fall 2012 by Hank Green, the channel was only active for a few days before being silently abandoned.
  • The Brain Scoop – launched January 2013 with Emily Graslie as host; Hank was executive producer until Emily’s move to Chicago, after which he is credited as the show’s creator
  • Mental Floss – launched March 2013 with weekly videos, the channel originally featured mostly John and only occasionally Hank, but has since expanded to include regular series with other hosts. Misconceptions is hosted by Elliott Morgan, Big Question by Craig Benzine, List Show is still hosted most often by John Green with occasional guest hosts.
  • Sexplanations – launched June 2013 with Dr. Lindsey Doe as host; Hank serves as executive producer
  • Emma Approved – launched October 2013, Emma Approved was the second installment in a vlog adaptation series of classic novels, Hank served as co-executive producer. Based on the novel Emma, by Jane Austen
  • The Healthcare Triage – launched November 2013 with Dr. Aaron Carroll as host; John serves as executive producer
  • The Art Assignment – launched February 2014, produced in association with PBS Digital Studios. Sarah Urist Green hosts, John Green co-hosts. Originally there were weekly special guests with assignments for the audience. The original season is over, so assignments are still posted but the content of weekly videos is more variable.
  • How To Adult – launched February 2014, hosted by Emma Mills and T. Michael Martin. Executive produced by Hank and John Green.
  • Scishow Space – launched in February 2014
  • Frankenstein, MD – launched in August 2014, a vlog adaptation of the novel Frankenstein by Mary Shelley. Executive produced by Hank Green, Bernie Su, and Matt Vree
  • Games with Hank – launched September 2014, Hank originally played video games daily, but has since stopped. Currently the channel is inactive.
  • Crashcourse Kids – launched in March 2015, CrashCourse Kids is a twice weekly show from the producers of Crash Course, all about grade school science. Though not as explicitly organized as its older sibling, CrashCourse includes series on Life Science, Earth Science, Engineering, Physical Science, and Space Science. Hosted by Sabrina Cruz.
  • SciShow Kids – Hosted by Jessi Knudsen Castañeda, SciShow kids posts short science videos twice weekly. Launched March 2015.
  • Nerdcon – launched in March 2015 to accompany Hank’s new convention. Nerdcon is a more general nerdy convention as opposed to Vidcon which focuses on online video.
  • Cereal Time – launched in June of 2015, Cereal Time is a week-daily game show that Hank produces. Charlie McDonnell and Jimmy Hill host.
  • Engage by Uplift – launched in July 2015 following assault accusations for multiple popular YouTubers, the DFTBA crew wanted to build a conversations around sexual violence and consent in our communities. Engage by uplift, hosted by Kat Lazo (theekatsmeoww) is a show that explores topics surrounding rape, assault and consent. The show also regularly features panel discussions on such topics.
  • The Financial Diet – launched in September 2015, TFD is a financial literacy show hosted by Chelsea Fagan and Lauren Ver Hage, meant to accompany the blog by the same name.



  • 2D Glasses – 2D glasses for watching 3D movies without headaches, created by Hank.
  • EcoGeek– A Website Hank created, not as well known as his other projects.
  • ReadIt1st – Hank’s braincracked idea for people to pledge to read the original books before consuming a movie-version. The website’s tagline is “Don’t let the movie ruin the book.”
  • The Anthropocene Reviewed
  • Dear Hank and John
  • Delete This

Hank’s Music:

John’s Books:

The Fault In Our Stars
Looking for Alaska
Paper Towns
An Abundance of Katherines
Will Grayson Will Grayson
(with David Levithan)
Let It Snow (with Maureen Johnson and Lauren Myracle)
Turtles All the Way Down
“Terrible” Zombie Novella

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