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My Favorite Pokemon Rom Hacks

Pokemon rom hacks are super fun and I’ve played so many at this point in my life, so I thought I’d share some of my favorites. Let me know if you’ve played any of these, or if any of your favorites aren’t here!

*Bolded is a must play.

Pokemon HeartRed – The RG Project

*A super fun FireRed hack with a romance story.

Pokemon Advanced Adventure

New region.

Pokemon Flora Sky

Updated maps, story, and Gen IV and V pokemon.

Pokemon Glazed

New regions and interesting story.

Rocket Edition – FireRed

*Lots of sidequests make it fun.

Pokemon Rocket Science

“A darker side of Kanto”

Pokemon Rocket Strike

Play as a team rocket member, and lots of pokemon.

Pokemon Rocket Red

Move up the Team Rocket ranks.

Pokemon TRE: Team Rocket Edition

Play as a Rocket grunt.

Pokemon Adventure Red 

*Follows the pokemon adventures manga.

Blue Chapter / Green Chapter / Yellow Chapter / Gold Chapter

More manga adventures.

Pokemon Professor Oak’s Back Up

Play as a researcher.

Pokemon Gen 0

*The story of young Oak/Agatha.

Pokemon AshGray

*Indigo League in game form.

Pokemon Day Care for IOS

Fun Iphone rom where you collect and hatch eggs based on the steps you take. Works when the app is closed, which is nice for your battery.

Pokemon Fire Ash

*Loosely follows the anime from Kanto to Alola.

Pokemon Orange Island Adventure

Follows the Orange Island anime storyline.

Pokemon Ultra Violet

Updated FireRed hack with the ability to catch every pokemon Gen 1-3.

Pokemon Light Platinum

Ruby hack with an all new region.

Pokemon Paradox

Play as Green/Blue as Professor Oak builds a Time Machine.

Pokemon Stunning Steel

Interesting unique story.

Pokemon Sunset

Another Orange Islands game.

Pokemon Paragon

Interesting new region with Teams Rocket, Aqua, and Magma.

Pokemon Life

Another interesting story in the world of pokemon.


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