Silly Senior Superlatives – Book Tag Edition

This has been sitting in my drafts forever and is no longer applicable to me – all this is from a year ago.


I’m posting this in case someone else wants to do the tag so it doesn’t die.



I was tagged for this super fun tag by The Book Wench – before they tagged me I hadn’t seen their blog, but now I love it. Go check them out!

This is a great time to do this tag as well, as, well, I’m a senior this year!

Senior Superlatives are essentially “Most Likely to whatever” and “Best X” “awards” that go in the yearbook as voted by the senior class, where one girl and one boy is picked per category. Though my school doesn’t make them “silly” per say, this looks like a ton of fun!

Here are the Rules:

1: Thank the person that tagged you and link back to their post. All link to me (thebookwench.com) if possible. Since this is my first tag, I’d like to see how far it goes!

2: Fill out the superlatives with a male and female of your choice (please do not be afraid to add non-binary or other gendered characters if they fit, we love all sorts here!) You can reuse a character a few times, but try to go for variety if possible.

3: Here’s the catch – You can only use books you have read in 2017. If you’re anything like me, you may be inclined to use a bunch of characters from your favorite books (Ron Weasley would so ace clown school). If this tag becomes popular and runs through the next year, use 2017 books through the early months of 2018 unless you feel like you’ve read enough to make it work!)

4: Tag 6-10 people to do the tag. If anyone sees this and wants to do it, consider yourself tagged!

5: Have fun! Whether you’re serious or silly, this tag is meant to be fun! And please don’t hate on other people’s choices. NOTE: Please try to keep this spoiler-free!

Silly Superlatives

1: Most Likely to Try to Take Over the World:

2: Class Clown:

3: Most Likely to Host a day-time talk show:

4: Best Dressed:

5: Biggest Flirt:

6: Most likely to appear on America’s Most Wanted (or, if not American, something similar):

7: Best Couple That Never Was (ship away, my friends):

8: Most Likely to Win an Oscar:

9: Most optimistic:

10: Most Likely to survive a zombie apocalypse:

11: Best person to “bring home to mom:”

12: Most likely to marry for money:

13: Most Likely to Survive the Hunger Games:

14: Most Changed:

15: Best Bromance:

16: Most Likely to Talk Your Ear Off:

17: Most Likely to Have a Blog:

18: Biggest Book Nerd:

19: Most Likely to Brighten Your Day:

20: Best Person to Get Stranded on and Island With:

I Tag:


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