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Soul-Ripping Romance Tag

Look who’s actually doing her tags!!!

Siobhan’s Novelties, tagged me. Please check her out!

  • Thank the person who tagged you and create a pingback to the original author – Nel at Reactionary Tales.
  • Share at least 5 (but more are welcome) romances that tugged your heartstrings. They can be from books, movies, TV shows, manga; anything you can think of! They can be examples of sad tears, angry tears, happy tears or a combination of all three.
  • Nominate 5 (or more) people to share their emotional traumas
  • (Note: Try not to spoil the story for your readers in case they would like to check out these romances on their own)

Monty and Percy


Celia and Marco

Henry and Alex

Image result for henry and alex red white and royal blue

Simon and Baz

Image result for simon and baz

Buttercup and Wesley

Image result for Buttercup and Wesley

I Tag

B @ Icebreaker694

Kayla @ KDrew The Bookworm

Sophie @ Blame it on Chocolate

Roses Book Nook

Liv @ Curly Haired Bibliophile

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