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Thoughts for Thursday: A New Monthly Book Blogging Meme

Here is a new original feature of this blog: Thoughts for Thursday. Each month there will be a bookish discussion topic that I will be writing on, and encourage others to write on with me. Topics are posted in advance.

Posts can be posted any Thursday (or other day if that works for you) of the month, but I will be aiming for the last Thursday of the month each month.

Feel free to link your posts to this post or to my monthly post!

Topics for 2020:

January – How to Unhaul Books

February – Types of TBR

March – Where Do You Buy Books?

April – How Do You Solve A Reading Slump?

May – On Reading YA Past 18 years old

June – Explain Your Rating System

July – On DNF Reviews and Books

August – Types of Re-Reading

September – Do ARC Reviews Have to Be Positive?

October – Do Audiobooks Count As Reading?

November – What Format Do You Prefer to Read In?

December – Ways to Organize A Bookshelf

Topics for 2021:

January – When Do You Post Reviews?

February – What Genres Do You Review?

March – Favorite Classics

April – Most Hated Classics

May – How Do You Feel About Hyped Books?

June – On Book Buying Bans

July – How To Tackle The Back-List

August – On Reading Diversely

September – Why a Hiatus Is Okay

October – On Trigger Warning for Books and Blogs

November – Favorite Childhood Reads

December – There’s No Such Thing As A “Guilty Pleasure” Read – Enjoy What You Enjoy!



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