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Rec Your Friday: A New Weekly Book Blogging Meme

Here is another series I want to start on this blog! The series is Rec Your Friday, and each week there will be a theme. Themes may be a trope, a general bookish theme, a genre, or may ask for favorites repping a particular aspect not seen as often in books such as F/F romances or non-christian characters.

The way this works is simple:

  • Choose a book you’re dying to read or recommend a favorite book.
  • Then, recommend a movie, TV show, song or fanfic (or all four!) to go with it.

You can stick with one book for the theme of the week or go with a Top 5 or Top 10 list if that floats your boat better. New releases and back-list titles are welcome.

I wanted to start this because sharing recommendations is one of my favorite parts of blogging and reading bookish blogs.

Anyone can join me! If a week’s theme doesn’t suit you, feel free to use a past theme or tweak a theme to suit you. I would also love if people submitted themes they’d like to see!

Themes will be posted here in advance!

January 2020

  • New Year – A Book That’s Been On Your TBR Forever That You HAVE To Get To
  • Favorite Book With An F/F Romance
  • A Bookish Resolution
  • Highest Rated Book on TBR

February 2020

  • Favorite Book With An M/M Romance
  • Lowest Rated Book on TBR
  • Book With Your Dream Job
  • Book Set In Your Country/State

March 2020

  • Favorite Book With A Trans Character
  • Book Set In A Place You Want to Travel To
  • Book With Your Favorite Color on The Cover
  • Book With Your Favorite Hidden Cover (Under the Dust Jacket)

April 2020

  • Favorite Book With A Non-White Character
  • Favorite Underrated Book
  • Least Favorite Overhyped Book
  • Book Worth The Hype

May 2020

  • Favorite Book Dealing with Mental Illness
  • Best Book for A Reading Slump
  • Best Adapted Book
  • Best Retelling

June 2020

  • Favorite LQTBQ+ Book/Author
  • Favorite Romance
  • Favorite Sci-fi Book/Series
  • Favorite Fantasy Book/Series

July 2020

  • Favorite Book With A Disabled Character
  • Favorite Villain
  • Favorite Friendship in a Book
  • Author With The Most Books on Your TBR

August 2020

  • Favorite Book You Read In School
  • Favorite Teacher in A Book
  • Most Realistic Depiction of High School In A Book
  • Author You’ve Read The Most Of

September 2020

  • Book With Your Favorite Sibling Relationship
  • Lowest Rated Book You Loved
  • Highest Rated Book You Hated
  • Go-To Recommendation for Anyone

October 2020

  • Favorite Book With A Latinx Character
  • Favorite Book Cover
  • Favorite End Pages in a Book
  • Author with the Most Books On Your Shelf/TBR

November 2020

  • Favorite Classic
  • Hated Classic
  • Favorite Picture Book
  • Favorite Comic

December 2020

  • Favorite Quote from a Book
  • Bookish Recipe
  • Favorite Bookish Merch
  • Favorite Holiday Read

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