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Thoughts for Thursday: How To Un-haul Books

Unhauling books is a question that comes up for book bloggers and hoarders all the time. We buy a lot of books, and eventually, space becomes a rare commodity. The question i, how do you actually unhaul books? As a self-confessed hoarder (of books, and admittedly, everything else), this is what works for me.

  • Take down every book from your shelves and every other place you store books (closet, etc.).
  • Organize on the floor – the organization that works best for me is by read vs. unread, and then by genre within those categories, keeping books by the same author together.
    • Get rid of duplicate copies, unless you collect editions of your FAVORITE book, you don’t need an arc, paperback, AND hardcover of a book.
  •  I sort through the unread books first – less emotional attachment.
    • Ask: How long have you had this? Without looking at the summary, do you remember if/why you wanted to read this? After reading the summary, do you still want to read this?
    • Get rid of anything you: have had more than 3-5 years and haven’t read
    • Get rid of anything that you no longer feel a want to read (tastes change, don’t make yourself rad something because you feel you should)
  • Go through the books you’ve read
    • Does this book have sentimental value? Keep
    • Did you rate it 4-5 stars? Would you re-read it? Keep
    • Did you not enjoy it, or barely remember it? Get rid of it
    • Unless it’s a high value book, any book that’s falling apart, or shows evidence of mold, severe water damage, torn covers, or bugs should be gotten rid of.
  • Donate or sell any book your getting rid of.
    • If you’re donating, take them that day to a goodwill, library, friend, etc.
    • If you’re selling, list the books that day, either individually or as a bundle, and box them up in a different room so you can’t “rescue” books from the unhaul before they’re sold.
  • Organize the books you are keeping back on the shelves according to your preferred method of organization.




4 thoughts on “Thoughts for Thursday: How To Un-haul Books”

  1. I currently have a stack of books to unhaul, I might add a few more books to it though. I have two books that are falling apart that I will not get rid of as they are the original paperback copies that I’ve had since childhood so they have sentimental value. Another thing that could be added is if the book is signed or not or signed with personalization.

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    1. Keeping sentimental books is obviously a given, even if they are falling apart! And I didn’t even think about mentioning signed books, I kind of thought those wouldn’t even be a question lol. Glad you enjoyed this!


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