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*This list is not fully updated

What Is A Zine?

Zines (pronounced zee-ns, as in magazine) are fan productions, usually made by either a single person or small group, and generally consist of art and writing, centered around a theme. These may be professionally printed or done DIY-style. Zines are often made and sold with profits going towards charity, but many zine projects are for-profit as well.

Where Do You Find Zines?

I personally use the website:

How Do I Join A Zine?

Find a zine (usually via Tumblr or Twitter), wait for applications to open, and apply. You won’t get into every zine, especially if your portfolio of art or writing is small, but keep trying!

Can I Recommend You As A Guest Contributor/Writer/Poet/Chef/Mod?


Will You Join My Zine?

Send me a DM on Tumblr @RiverMoose-Sam if you think I’d be interested and if I am and have time I’ll apply!

Zines I’ve Participated In:

Fullmetal Alchemist Cookbook

Description: An unofficial Fullmetal Alchemist cookbook zine featuring recipes inspired by characters, locations, and events from the series.

Role: Chef


Potions Brewbook

Description: The Potions Brewbook is an original cookbook revolving around potions of all kinds. This project will be for charity, with our charity being NATIONAL INDIGENOUS WOMEN’S RESOURCES, with the hopes of a physical cookbook with merch. This is run by the Potion Masters which you can find more information about below.

Role: Chef / Potion Scribe


Ring Fit Adventure Cookbook

Description: Ring Fit Kitchen is a cookbook zine featuring recipes from the Nintendo Switch fitness game Ring Fit Adventure. It will also include art and writing inspired by the game.

Role: Chef


Feasts for Beasts: A Beastars Cookbook

Description: A 100% non-profit Beastars fanzine featuring art and recipes that are predominantly meatless.

Role: Meat Chef


Found: A Clone Wars Fan Zine

Description: A Star Wars: The Clone Wars zine centered around found family!!

Role: Chef


Zines I’ve Modded:

Geraskier Zine: Dandelion Wine

Description: A zine focusing on the platonic and romantic relationship between Jaskier and Gerald from the Netlfix show The Witcher.

Role: Zine layout and graphics mod


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