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Are Backlist Reviews Worth It? (+ What Reviews Do Y’all Want To See?)

Book reviews are for most people, thee bread-and-butter of book blogging. Book bloggers share their thoughts on the books they read – but typically the most popular reviews are for new and upcoming releases that readers haven’t been about to pick up yet.

On the other side, there are “Backlist” reviews, which are reviews of books published a while ago, that a blogger either never got around to reviewing, or only recently picked up and read even though the book has been out for a while.

There are different definitions of a “backlist” title, but the most common to me seems to be a book that is 2+ years past its publication date (Per: BEAT THE BACKLIST).

Some bloggers LOVE to tackle the backlist, and give some love to books that have fallen out of hype, or slipped under the radar when they are first published.

Some bloggers…just don’t worry about the backlist, or at least, they don’t review backlist titles, because those reviews don’t tend to be as exciting or valued.

Its something I’ve been thinking about a lot, because most of the books I read are backlist titles – I rarely pick up books around publication time. And I am pretty bad at posting reviews even remotely around the time I read the book, let alone around the time it was published.

So I’m wondering what my readers think:

Should I try to tackle the backlist reviews for books I read a while ago but never reviewed?

Should I bother writing reviews for backlist titles I pick up now?

Or should I stick to reviews for new releases?

What reviews would you want to see from my read list (My Goodreads Shelf)?

3 thoughts on “Are Backlist Reviews Worth It? (+ What Reviews Do Y’all Want To See?)”

  1. Well, I review every book that I read, whether it’s a backlist book or a newer release. I think backlist reviews are important because they might spark interest in people who have never heard of the book or author and make the reader see other titles that the author has written or what works the author has coming up.


  2. I also tend to read/review backlisted books because I rarely read new books. However, I tend to prefer reading reviews for backlisted books. The main reasoning: it’s refreshing. So many bloggers focus on the new that it tends to create a lot of reviews around the same time for the same book(s), and as much as I enjoy seeing people’s thoughts, that gets old very quickly. Especially since usually I know I won’t even be able to get the book until months down the road. Also by avoiding to review backlisted books, it kind of makes it seem like those books aren’t as important or don’t need exposure, which isn’t true. There have been many times where I discovered an author or new favorite series because someone happened to offhandedly mention it, and it’s nice to still have current day places to discuss them.


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