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Kiss Marry Cliff Tag

I was tagged by The Orangutan Librarian and Cat On The Bookshelf!

I actually did this tag before a few years ago, so you can see that version here:

Marry, Kiss, Cliff – Book Tag


  • Put names of Characters (whatever gender you’re attracted to) written in pieces of separate papers in an empty jar or a pen holder.
  • Shake the jar
  • Pull out 3 pieces of paper in each round and tell us which character you would Kiss, Marry, or Cliff!
  • Hard mode: Only pick characters you like so this is inherently more difficult.

Round One

Victor Vale (Vicious) -> Cliff

Will Solace (Percy Jackson and the Olympians) -> Marry

Jace Herondale (The Mortal Instruments) -> Kiss

Round Two

Baz (Carry On) -> Kiss

Pilot (Again But Better) -> Marry

Carden (The Folk of Air) -> Cliff

Round Three

Chaol (Throne of Glass) -> Cliff

Seth Clearwater (Twilight) -> Marry

Ron Weasley (Harry Potter) -> Kiss

Round Four

Aiden (Illuminae) -> Cliff

Noah Czerny (The Raven Cycle) -> Kiss

Zach Goode (Gallagher Girls) -> Marry

Round Five

Nico Di Angelo (The Percy Jackson and the Olympians) -> Kiss

Charlie Weasley (Harry Potter) -> Marry

Eli Ever (Vicious) -> Cliff

Round Six

Harry Potter -> Cliff

Magnus Bane (The Mortal Instruments) -> Marry

Richard Gansey III (The Raven Cycle) -> Kiss

Round Seven

Edward Cullen (Twilight) -> Cliff

Simon Snow (Carry On) -> Kiss

Alec Lightwood (The Mortal Instruments) -> Marry

Round Eight

Percy Jackson -> Marry

Rhysand (A Court of Thorns and Roses) -> Cliff

Mark Watney (The Martian) -> Kiss

Round Nine

Alex (Red White and Royal Blue) -> Marry

Jason Grace (Heroes of Olympus) -> Cliff

Jacob Black. (Twilight) -> Kiss

Round Ten

Adam Parrish (The Raven Cycle) -> Marry

Ronan Lynch (The Raven Cycle) -> Cliff

Henry (Red White and Royal Blue) -> Kiss

I am not tagging anyone, but anyone who sees this and wants to do this tag can consider themselves tagged!

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