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Themed Book Recommendations: A Rec List of Rec Lists

Books With Asexual and/or Aromantic Rep:

Books with Asexual Main Characters

Ace Spectrum SFF

7 Fantasy Stories with Aro Leads

[Book Recs] Demisexual Protagonists 

Books By  Queer and/or Authors of Color You May Have Missed:

2020 Reads by Authors of Color

MLM SFF by queer authors and/or authors of color

Queer SFF Books by Authors of Color

Sci-Fi and Fantasy by Trans and Nonbinary Authors

10 Queer Fantasy Short Stories (for free online)

Massive Queer SFF Rec Post

BOOK RECS — Bisexual Rep

#ownvoices asian book recs because it’s asian heritage month

Book recs – Black Authors edition

F/F Magical Book Recs | #PrideLibrary20


Other Lists:

Original Fiction that Appeals to People Who Like Fanfiction

Disabled/Neurodivergent/Mentally Ill SFF

LGBTQ+ books with disabled and/or neurodivergent MCs 

Leave your favorite rec lists or just rec a book down in the comments!

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