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Beyond Hogwarts Houses: Other Types of Bookish Categorization

Look, I love Harry Potter, but whether you love its popularity or hate it you can’t deny it. And because of that, sorting books and characters into Hogwarts Houses, and more recently Ilvermony Houses, is extremely popular in the book blogging world.

Well – here are some alternatives if you, like me, are getting sick of seeing the same four Hogwarts houses in nearly every book and/or character discussion.

Avatar: The Last Airbender

Avatar, The Last Airbender: The Shadow of Kyoshi (The Kyoshi ...

In the A:TLA universe, there are four types of elemental benders: Water, Earth, Fire, and Air. Here is a quiz to take.

Next time you want to categorize some book. characters, use the bending categories:

Flexible and sensitive like a water-bender?

Strong and stubborn like an earth-bender?

Ambitious and passionate like a fire-bender?

Resilient and indépendant like an air-bender?

My Result:


You’re a firebender, because you’re an ambitious, passionate and outgoing person. People often think that you’re unfriendly or that you don’t care, but it’s the opposite. Fire benders are the most emotional of all the benders, and the smallest things can get a rise out of them. They’re also very dedicated and determined: fulfilling your dreams is the most important goal to you.

Children of Blood and Bone

Children of Blood and Bone by Tomi Adeyemi

In Children of Blood and Bone there are ten Maji clans to sort characters into! This is a fun guide to the Maji clans in Children of Blood and Bone, and here’s a quiz to find out which clan you belong to.

My Result:

You’re a Connector, the maji of mind, spirits, and dreams. Empathetic, intuitive, and protective, you have the power to connect and control the consciousness of other human beings. As a Connector, you are quick to understand and help others. Though your feelings can overwhelm you at times, your compassion for humanity makes the world a better place.
CLAN: Émí Clan / GOD: Orí / AURA: Light Blu

Percy Jackson and the Olympians

Rick Riordan | Raider Reader Online News

Percy Jackson is a great series, spanning over 15 books, 3 series, and honestly there are just as many people with a nostalgic attachment to Percy  Jackson as to Harry Potter.

You can take this quiz to determine who your godly parent is!

My Result:


Good work! Based on your responses, you have been claimed by Athena. Go ahead and make yourself at home in Cabin #6. Train well, don’t forget to brush your teeth occasionally, and try not to get sent on a quest (they tend to shorten your lifespan).

The Grisha Trilogy

The Grisha Trilogy Review – The Patriot

If you don’t already know, there are three Grisha orders, Etherealki, Corporalki, and Materialki. There are subclasses in all of the orders, and if you want more information you can check them out here.

To find out what order you belong to, you can take a quiz here

My Result:

You’re a Corporalnik

Brave, belligerent, and cocky. Corporalki undergo the most rigorous training of all the Grisha. Heartrenders are always ready for a fight. Healers use their powers to repair injury and treat sickness. Which are you? Report to the Little Palace for further testing.

There are plenty more you can look up too!

What’s your Red Queen blood type?

What Divergent faction do you belong in?

What Hunger Games district are you from?

There are so many other books that have fun classification systems, but these are some that had quizzes to help you readily determine which class you belong to. I hope that these helped the people trashing their Hogwarts houses fill part of that hole, and even if you are still clinging on to that house, why not be classified by other bookish things too!

1 thought on “Beyond Hogwarts Houses: Other Types of Bookish Categorization”

  1. I’m totally with you on getting tired of seeing Hogwarts house in sooo many books. I get that Harry Potter is very popular but there are other books, you know?
    I’ve actually thought about how many different bookish classifications there are but I haven’t read that many fantasy books/TV shows so I didn’t really know what they were. For example, from your list, I’ve only read the Grisha trilogy (well, almost, I’m missing half of the last book 😅) so I wanted to take that quiz (your link isn’t working for some reason but I found it anyways) but the website isn’t working, I don’t know why :/
    Oh wel… regardless, great post!

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