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Star Trek Timeline Viewing Order

I recently started watching Star Trek: Strange New Worlds with my dad, and as someone who has only watched the Chris Pine movies and the original series before this, I decided I wanted to try and watch all the different Star Trek series…which meant a lot of research. And I decided to share it!

Like most long-running franchises, there are two ways to possibly watch Star Trek, timeline order or release order. Release order would start me with The Original Series and end me on Strange New Worlds (for now at least) but as I don’t particularly mind spoiling later released series (since I know a lot of it anyways) and I don’t mind jumping between quality and differently aged effects (since Star Trek has run, off and on, since the 1960s, quality of special effects and the aging of ideas has changed over the years as you can imagine).

This particular list will be in chronological timeline order, to the best of my knowledge. If there’s interest, I’ll make a chronological release order post!

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