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Pokemon Rom Hacks I Want To Play

I couple years ago now, I wrote a post about My Favorite Pokemon Rom Hacks. That is one of my most popular posts, and I stand by it, but I haven’t had a lot of time to play or finish even the main series Pokemon games in recent years, let alone play rom hacks. That being said, I have recently graduated college, and am hoping to find the time to play some more Pokemon. After doing some research, here are some rom hacks I am looking forward to playing!

Pokémon Dark Cry – A new region full of side quests.

Pokémon Godra – lets you choose between different Pokemon career paths.

Pokemon This Gym of Mine – Play as a gym leader!

Pokemon Saffron – New region, Pokemon through gen 8.

Pokemon GS Chronicles – A new story set in Johto

Pokemon Sors – Emphasis on a unique story, a new type and Pokemon through gen 7.

These are the ones I have found so far to check out! Are there any you recommend? Any you plan to check out to?

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