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Gift Ideas For Recent Grads

I graduated from undergrad in May of 2022. Like a lot of college grads, I am living with my parents, and its still up in the air if I’ll stay living here or move out in the next year, depending on where I get into medical school.

I have been thinking about what I would want for Christmas, and thought I’d share, to help any family members at a loss for buying presents for their own recent grads, or other grads at a loss for what to ask for.

Diploma Frame

Lets be honest, if our schools or parents didn’t buy us a diploma frame, half of us haven’t hung up ur diplomas we worked so hard for, especially if we don’t know how long our current living arrangement, whether living at home or in a rental, is going to last. But it is something that will eventually be needed, and its a good way to show pride in your grad’s accomplishments.

A Hobby Item

We are going to be honest, I have asked for the newest Pokemon game for Christmas every year since I was 4 years old, and I do not plan to stop now. I am asking for Pokemon Violet.

Hobbies are important, interests, even “childish” ones are important. So, a video game they are looking forward to, a book on their wishlist, Funko Pops, art supplies, a needlepoint kit etc.

Clothes or Bedsheets

New socks or other basics are basically always welcome, and often needed at this age. If your grad moved climates, such as moving to a different state, see if they need something for that new environment – new shoes or a new coat.

Bedsheets are also a great idea, especially for any grad who lived in a dorm. Those twin xl sheets don’t work so well after graduation.

Fun Treats

Are there any hygiene or make-up products your grad loves, but cannot afford themselves? A special moisture, or fun scented candles they might like? Are there favorite treats like a favorite candy you can buy a bulk box of?

A Tradition to Uphold or Start

Get them ready to start their new life on their own – gift them their own Christmas tree accessories or an ornament to start their own collection. Gift them their childhood ornaments to bring with them as they leave home. Mugs, hot cocoa, and new pajamas to uphold childhood traditions or start new ones also make a simple gift.

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