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Book Review: The Day They Parachuted Cats on Borneo: A Drama of Ecology by Charlotte Pomerantz

Synopsis (not Official): This book is largely out of print, so a synopsis was difficult to find. It is however a book about true events, unintended consequences, and how scientists do not always know the potential side effects they may have through their intentions and interventions. It is a short picture book, and can be found online on Skidmore College’s website.

I originally read this book as an assignment for Advanced Placement Environmental Science in high school, and it stuck with me enough that I still remember it four years later. While the book is not written by scientists, it is written in a way to get children (and apparently mostly apathetic high school seniors) interested in what scientists do and ecology. While not geared specifically towards a marginalized population in STEM, I still think its interesting to look at, especially with relatively few STEM-focused picture books being widely known.

This book is written to be funny and engaging, even while discussing the dangers of introducing non-native species into an environment, and the need for future scientists to take care to think through potential ramifications of their actions lest they inadvertently do more harm than good.

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